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Shattered World offers 8 different races that players can choose from, each with their own unique set of powers, strength, and culture:

Arachean - Fast, poisonous giant spiders
Archon - Demons of darkness, deadly at night
Draconian - Winged dragon-spawn
Galandrian - Golden masters of psionics
- Large slug-like creatures with a deadly stare
- Numerous and flexible
Mephit - Small demons of fire
Triton - Giant rulers of the seas

A new player can select his or her race after completing the "Choosing a Race" tutorial, which involves completing a story-led mini-adventure.

Two ideal races for newcomers are Human, which are a flexible, no-great-advantages, no-great-disadvantages race, and Draconian, which are well-armoured and come equipped with good breath-weapon powers.

Details of each race are available by clicking on the desired race above.



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