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Shattered World has 11 different guilds players can join. Guilds, which are similar to "classes" in other games, allow players to develop specific skills, and grant players with additional powers and abilities in exchange for worshipping the guild's God.

The 11 guilds that are currently available in Shattered World are:

Guild of Arioch - Demon Summoners
Guild of Chalana Arroy - Healers
Guild of Gaia - Druids
Guild of Garuda - Roc Riders
Guild of Javen - Soulstealers
Guild of Ke'ting - Thieves
Guild of Psyche - Sirens
Guild of Ravnos - Illusionists
Guild of Vulcan - Knights
Guild of Xarus - Mages
Guild of Zarquon - Berserkers

New players don't begin in a guild, but may freely join and leave guilds by finding each guild's headquarters, provided they meet the joining requirements. It is also possible for players to join multiple guilds at once, subject to the alliances presently available.

Guild Leaders

Each guild has a player Guild Leader, who is a player responsible for managing the guild's finances and activities. Guilds are able to buy and sell property, borrow from banks, collect fees from members, and need to pay fees to maintain alliances. These are all activities that are overseen by the Guild Leader.

The process of determining who the Guild Leader varies from guild to guild. Guild leaders are paid an annual salary for their services.

Guild Alliances

Each Moonphase (4 Mud Years) Guild Leaders can negotiate new alliances for their guild. Each alliance costs the guild money, with the price depending on how compatible the two guilds being allied are, and how powerful each guild is. Most combinations are possible, but some are impossible due to differences between the guilds being too great (eg. No Knight/Thief combinations.)

When guilds are allied, players can join any number of guilds so long as they are all allied together. For example, if Ravnos is allied with Xarus and Gaia, and Xarus is allied with Ravnos and Gaia, and Gaia is allied with Ravnos and Xarus, then a player would be able to join all three guilds simultaneously.


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