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Once a player completes all the quests required by their guild they ascend to the higher player class of Lord. The ultimate aim of a Lord is to become the King (or Queen), and rule the realm with the special powers at their command.

Initially Lords start as a Sir or Madam. The hierarchy is as follows:

Sir / Madam
Count / Countessa
Baron / Baroness
Duke / Duchess
King / Queen

Lord ranking is increased by the Lords completing tasks of incredible danger and excitement, as specified by Sir George in the Sanom City Palace. Each level may also need to complete some quests. They are temporarily reduced if a new quest is added until the Lord has completed that quest.

Each lord has a lord ranking (in percentile) that will help determine what title they have. The ranking is increased by doing Lord tasks and if a Lords ranking is over 50% they are awarded another level.

Finally lords may obtain one level by becoming the people's champion, this is given to the Lord who helps players the most. This is measured by popular vote, in that the Lord with the most accumulated player quest points within their cult becomes champion.

So to be king a lord must have finished all the current quests, have completed enough lord tasks, and be the peoples champion.


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