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    Legal System

Within Shattered World there is a player run legal system. The citizens write the laws, and there's a (citizen) Judge to enforce them; it's an elected position, and he gets some nifty items. Laws that get voted in that need coding support generally get implemented by a wizard (as time permits, and assuming that the gods agree that the change is reasonable). Some laws voted in include: only registered citizens may own more than one property; only registered citizens may have more than 20,000 coins in the bank, etc. Obviously, they look after their own. It's up to you to protect your rights (if you're not too apathetic!).

LAWS YOU CAN PASS - anything goes - including laws about wizards, laws about how you can change the laws, and laws about who is allowed to vote. But be warned: the legal system's philosophy is that for a law to mean anything, it has to be enforced. If players break the law, the Judge is duty bound to punish them. It's hard for players to enforce laws on wizzes, so although the players' legal system is generally taken seriously by the wizards, it's ultimately up to the administration to decide what is or isn't reasonable. Laws that do not affect wizards are automatically considered "reasonable".

Note: If you can get yourself elected supreme dictator of the game, or if you want a communist utopia, do so by all means; only twits are prejudiced about legal systems. As usual, the admin has "governor general" powers - if you severely screw up the game (or get elected dictator through an anomaly, like all the citizens being on holiday), the administrators will sack the government :)

THE JUDGE - The Judge enforces the laws. In the past, judges have sometimes been corrupt (i.e. he may be *selectively* enforcing the laws). If he's *too* corrupt, vote him out (you can do it legally). If he's actually a serious asshole, the administration can remove him, but this sort of intervention is rare; we're buggered if we're going to interfere with the legal system simply because the elected Judge isn't well liked.


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