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High level Lords gain the ability to start and run their own cult. This can be seen as a reflection of their status in Shattered World. Only these Lords are permitted to found a cult at cult head quarters in Sanom City. They may then recruit players into that cult. Any player to whom the lord he extends an offer may then join that cult.

Cults are somewhat like guilds in that they provide a collection of powers for members. They also provide a communal spell point reserve for members. The powers are determined by the powers that the cult leader finds, buys and maintains. To attain powers for the cult, the founder must go to various NPC's and purchase spells. Cult spells drain five spell points from the user for every level applied.

Cults also have a hierarchical structure for members from initiates to high priests. Cults are different to guilds in that they do not worship a specific god and are usually a personality cult of the leader; although the leader may have other aims for their cult.

Cult Specific Information

The Palladium - Led by Patrick


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