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About MUDs

Today, you can play many different types of games over the internet, from action shooters to chess-by-email. MUDs are one of the oldest online games, and have demonstrated enormous longevity by remaining popular to this day.

MUDs come in many different styles, but all are text-based games in which you control a character by typing in commands. The lack of graphics means that the game is more like a book than a movie: less eye candy, but a much more immersive experience. It is usually possible for your character to do almost anything you can think of, and the game itself is generally under continual development and enhancement. In addition, they provide a social environment comparable to ICQ (chat).

Despite the lack of graphics (and the need to connect via telnet, MUDs offer gamers many unique features, and are known for their addictiveness. Many play the same character on the same game for many years or more.

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