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Quests abound in the Shattered World for the hardy (and not so hardy) adventurer. Some are puzzle based, some are hack and slash. Some are extremely easy ("newbie quests"), some are quite likely to result in your death. Quests have a difficulty rating of between 1 and 10, though these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, as different classes of character will be more adept at different sorts of quest, but the ones with low difficulty ratings are generally fairly safe.

The first time you complete a quest, you will receive some bonuses to some of your stats (which stats are enhanced depends on which quest you complete). The second and successive time you complete a particular quest, you will be rewarded with a gemstone, which may be sold or (more usually) may be pulverised or sacrificed at an altar to provide spell points for yourself or your cult. Note that the value of the gem awarded depends on how many times the given quest has been done, as well as on the rated difficulty of the quest; completion of some of the tougher quests bring very rich rewards! Quest completion is one of the few sources of gems in the world.

You can list the quests you have done, and the expected value of the gems received for doing each quest, at any of the guild halls as well as at the Adventurer's Hall in the southeast of Sanom City.

One of the prerequisites for becoming a Lord is the completion of a certain number of quests. Players that have completed all the quests are eligible to become the Monarch.


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