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Cult: The Palladium

Cult Leader: Patrick
High Priests: Kathal and Flight

The Palladium as I see it is more a clan rather than a cult. It does not revolve around the leader as the name 'cult' would imply. Rather it revolves about all members. When I founded the Palladium I wanted to create something which would give new players the oppertunity to learn and gain power. Having started playing not so very long ago myself I know the challenges and sometimes frustrations a new player faces. We of the Palladium try to help our members overcome this and grow into strong players, capable of sustaining themselves. This does not mean we will guide new player by the hand and do everything for them but rather give them a helpfull hint or sometimes a little material aid. We seek to help, not to do for people what they should do for themselves. That is the spirit of the Palladium.

If you feel like you can learn something from us you are welcome to join. When you join however we expect you to be loyal. We will not tolerate being taken advantage of. If your loyalty lies to another cult then you are not our responsibility, either you are in the Palladium or you are not, there is no compromise to be made about that. If loyalty and the desire to learn are yours then contact me, Patrick, or one of my highpriests and you will be welcomed into the Palladium. Let me assure you, your membership will be quite advantageous and you will certainly enjoy your time with us.

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