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Giant, dexterous spiders, Aracheans are a populous race for their combination of skill in combat and good attacking powers.

Attributes: Above average dexterity, life force and charisma. Below average size and strength.

Powers: Can ensnare and poison enemies.

Vulnerabilities: None.

In general Aracheans range from three to four feet in height, although they have been known to be larger. They are a bipedal race, walking on three sectioned legs that are considerably thicker that their arms. Add to this their six arms and abundant body hair and you will understand what aracheans look like. More than spiders, they look like a jumble of limbs sticking out of a furry mound. They do however still possess the multiple beady eyes and mandibles of their forbears, and so are totally unhumanoid if examined closely. As a race aracheans are incredibly agile, their motor control being second to none, add to this the abundance of limbs and the result is a creature of awesome agility and manipulative ability.

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