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    Mephit History

(as told by the renowned sage, Spyder.)

'What the hell do you think you are doing ?' enquired Phistfulladollaz.

'None of your goddamn business !' retorted Phoraphewdollazmaw.

'How dare you take that tone with me !' screamed the enraged mage. 'I am an Elder Master of the Circle of Vroomfondle, and as such, I am unequalled in might amongst the summoners of Greater Daemons !'

'Do you think I care for your petty titles ?' taunted Phoraphewdollazmaw. 'We of the Supreme Guild of Fire Enchantments care not for you peddlers in weakling Daemons, and I stand at the fore of my guild !'

With a scream of rage Phistfulladollaz clenched his fist and began a spell to destroy Phoraphewdollazmaw. The power loosely held in check by the spell made the very rocks under him scream in protest. Seeing his adversary's intent the Phoraphewdollazmaw also began to work his arcane art, warping mighty elemental energies to his will.

After an indeterminable time the aether split and crackled as both practitioners of the arcane finished their tasks simultaneously, both stood stock still and stared at what they had created.

'Oh dear.' said Phistfulladollaz.

'I think we've done it now.' said his adversary of a moment before.

Both tried to tear their attention away from the shimmering grey portal that hung in the air before them that was the result of the mixing of both their mighty magics.

'Ummmm. Ahhhhh. I think you had better do something about that.' said Phistfulladollaz pointing at the softly glowing rift.

'Me ?' exclaimed the other. 'You're the one that is the master of the demon summoners, while I am just a simple apprentice who sought to talk his way out of a tricky situation.'

'Oh shit.' said Phistfulladollaz. 'Me too.'

As the realization that they were utterly buggered dawned on them a look of terror spread across both their faces, their knees began to shake and tears gathered at the corners of their eyes.

Then, from the rift came a tearing sound that made Phistfulladollaz's companion faint dead away, and a noxious odour could be smelt intermingled with the smell of sulphur and brimstone emanating from the rift.

All things considered you can understand how surprised Phistfulladollaz was when through the rift came not Astfgl, Lord of the Greater Daemons of the Pits of the Infinite Netherhells, but a small, skinny, hairless creature with a long nose and big ears. It had slender limbs and fine hands that ended in vicious looking claws. The whole body of the tiny creatured shimmered with heat, but its most striking features were its bright orange eyes and the huge pearly white, toothy grin that stretched from one large, fleshy ear to the other. Phistfulladollaz and the creature regarded each other cautiously. The small creature was the first to recover. It looked around and assessed it's new surroundings.

Finally recovering from his stupor Phistfulladollaz gathered enough wits to realise he had to close the rift before more of these things come through.

'Back! Back, I say.' he shouted at the small creature.

The small creature reguarded him intently for a second. Then as if making up its mind, extended its middle finger from a closed fist towards Phistfulladollaz and ran off.

Days later the rift was discovered by the true Elder Master of the Circle of Vroomfondle and closed with little trouble.

The little creatures had come through in hordes during the time that the portal had been open. They had spread throughout the Realms at an incredible rate, becoming commonly known as Mephits. The effort required to gather them all and return them to whence they came from was deemed more trouble than it was worth and so they were allowed to stay.

And so was born the race of Mephits.

Phistfulladollaz and Phoraphewdollazmaw, needless to say did not become very good mages, or very popular either.

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