Section #8 Cult News

Article #1 An Apathetic Feeling

Author: Smokey

Coming into this world, I was naive. I wasn't ready for the horrifying scenes that I now see everyday. But there was one thing that helped me get through my initial shock, the open embrace of the Cult of Apathy. Apathy can be defined as lack of feeling or interest, but it is surely a misnomer. Perhaps a satirical ploy by my beloved cult leader, Baroness Llewella. There certainly is feeling in the cult, whether it is the feeling I get when my cult leader commends me on a job well down, or the one that comes with the scolding for the misstep I made. Apathy is viewed by some as a harsh cult, where the high priests expect so much of the newer members. But is only true when seen by others. The expectations are not harsh, they are just a sign of the caring the leader feels for each and every member. If one does something so strongly as to disrupt the cult leader, they should get punished. How else are we expected to learn to live here? It is a cult for learning, growing, and maturing. A cult of helpful people, whether they be mere members or high priests. A cult for the successful in our world. Smokey, member of the cult of Apathy

Article #2 dissolving of Popular cult

Author: Valin

I know it has been a little while since this happened but i don't believe anyone has reported on it. Popular Lord and Cult Leader has recently become an immortal. Jaded by his new creative powers he left behind his cult and members as he ascended to the panthenon following in the footsteps of Former King Trax. Many people from the lost cult have joined Matrix allowing shriek to rise to the positon of Queen. Let's all hope that Shriek remains queen for a long time to come.

Article #3 Cults

Author: Ivana

Need some help? How about a place to store SP? Well, here's your answer! Join a cult today! Ask a high priest or a cult owner to join, and they'll most likely let you in. Cults are a great way to store sp and gain friendship. You can "pulverise" a gem into a cult reserve, then "empower" them for later use. Also, your cult members can help you alot. Here is a list of the standings. Matrix: owner, Queen Shriek. High Priests: Magistrate Fiora, Sir Gyplok, Duke Wrack, Citizen Huma, Citizen Pharaik, Chief Magistrate Ningauble, Lothair, and Guild Leader Mouser. Vortex: owner, Duke Coldrock. High Priests: Guild leader Gladia, Citizen Ruka, Citizen Ivana, Guild Leader Arkayn, and Guild Leader Cormoran Apathy: owner: Duchess Llewella. High Priests: Guild Leader Perception, Town Fool Dyskilian, Sir Skywalker, and Magistrate Lasombra The Palladium: owner, Constable Patrick. High Priests: Citizen Quesadas, Citizen Hawthorn, and Citizen Flight. Supernova: owner, Baroness Hellwig. High Priests: Shadowfiend.

Article #4 Experiencing Ecstasy

Author: Frina

There was a time when the realm of the Shattered Worlds was blessed with myriad sects of worship, yet such names as Redemption, Vortex, Apathy and the Kiss Army can only be found on historical scrolls now. Yet, impervious to the slow passing of her predecessors, peers, and even some that came after him, the current Queen Shriek, and her cult of Matrix, has passed the test of time. She rules Sanom and the surrounding towns so effectively that no other cult is ever necessary, or rather was necessary. Count Dyskilian has risen from the ranks of the common peasant, and has acquired such titles as the mages' spiritual link to their god Xarus and the Chief Magistrate of the prestigious Sanom Courts. With quick wit and undying patience, he has successfully completed every quest laid before him, and he is quickly growing in prominence as a lord. Rumor has it that he will soon be holding a ball, but it is my nature to question the veracity of testimonies presented by the common thieves of Sanom City. Lord Dyskilian has undertaken the creation of his cult, and although relatively small at the moment, it is quickly growing in distinction and membership. He has christened it "Ecstasy", for the fruits of membership will undoubtedly leave all with intense joy. He has already purchased a number of useful powers for his members, and is simply providing a community for all that embrace an epicurean lifestyle. If you are looking for a place to meet new friends or allies in battle, or even if you just want to be distinguished as a high priest of an up-and-coming cult, Ecstasy is the place to be. A few days ago, Dyskilian himself invited me into the previously secret fold, and I have had no regrets. There is only one destination for pure Ecstasy. Long live Count Dykilian!

Article #5 Rise to Monarch: The Nura Story

Author: Rujhoku

History was made when Nura, a long time player of Shattered Worlds, made one of the fastest, if not the fastest rise to monarch. Started only three RL weeks ago, Sedition is comprised of 79 members and has 581 cult points. Nura's meteoric rise to power was attributed by Nura's single mindedness and ardent determination to win the hearts of the people of sanom. Nura's cult sedition "is a cult for citizens and non citizens, peasants and lords alike: a meeting of power and intelligence" as isildur and many other Shattered players say. Players wishing to rise on top should definately join Sedition, the cult on the move. Nura is also the lord of the fast growing town of Deudraeth.

Article #6 great queens

Author: Grm

I think that the best queen shattered has seen is Queen Nura. She has been very helpful and nice and she has been very patient with me and my characters. She is also a great leader for the Berserker's wonder she is lvl. 7 in the berserker's GUild. I just want to thank her and say that she is a great queen.

Article #7 Proof! Men are tricky low-lives!

Author: Harmony

It has been a common misconception that men are better than women. However, that is a lie, and Psyche bestows the power of song to those who wish to outright oppose that lie. Dyskilian, contending with Queen Nura for monarchy, is proof that men are just tricky low-lives who do whatever they want. Leader of the largest cult in the realm, Guild Leader of the largest guild in this realm and representative of Xarus, and a full-status lord, you would think this draconian would be a fine, upstart gentleman, setting an example for the rest of the world. However, just the other day, he ordered Quav, a high priest of his cult, to rob me of everything in my home! Much of my fortune was lost to the false security i had put into my home, along with the thought that my ex-cult leader had a sense of justice. This man is a burglar! Just today, as i was sitting at the post office resting, he uses the powers of the great Goddess Javen bestowed upon him to coax my unconscious mind to attack man named George, east of the Noble Knight. Abusing his Javenite powers, as well as a fellow man, he managed to kill me and cost me my life. This man is a murderer! Not only that, he took my whole inventory, and scattered it throughout the whole realm of Shattered World! After the Goddess Psyche bestowed upon my spirit another body, I searched long and hard to find the items i once had. He obviously found the thought of me searching for my items amusing. Is this not enough proof? A leader of men, committing these disgraceful actions? I have learned this the hard way! Never trust a man! If you are a women, wishing to oppose the stereotype of men being stronger than women, seek the Siren Headquarters in the caves near Seaside and allow Psyche to grant you the power of song to oppose these disgraceful characters! However there is one final thing which I feel I must mention. This all happened because I left the Dyskilian's cult, ecstasy. Up until this point Dyskilian was most helpful and a great cult leader. However, as soon as I betrayed the cult and left to the split-off of ecstasy, run by ex-high priestess Gladia, that Dyskilian's ire was awoken. After refusing to discuss the matter with him, the above resulted. Let this be a lesson for all who would betray their cult. There are consequences, most of which i have justly suffered from. If I could change my mind, I never would have left - and I recommend you don't either.

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