Section #6 Gossip

Article #1 ad

Author: Seikimon

Coldrock and Ivanna gettin' it ON?!?!? seen earlier today, Mr. Coldrock and the oh so lovely Ivanna.. they were down at the fountain in full view of everyone. Says an anonymous source, "He had his hand in her back pocket, and they were kissing so deeply, I had to turn my 5 year-old son the other way!" Such shameless actions, right in the common. What is this town coming to? ***

Article #2 article

Author: Tachyon

The Sanom City Gossip Column The worst kept secret this month is that the Boogey Man has come out of the closet. When interviewed he apparently said he had been thinking about it for some time but decided he didn want to live a lie anymore. When questioned by this reporter he adamantly denied this was a publicity stunt for his newly formed band the Sanom Village People. Speculation is mounting in some circles that a disco may soon be opening in the casino to cater for "happy people". A further rumour also doing the rounds is that the Zookeeper is not actullally disposing of the rat produce given to him by many residents and citizens of this great city. According to a well placed Draconian source the dung is actually collected and shipped to a well known restaurant to the west of our city and used as sausage filler! There surely can be no truth to the story that a menu item Rattapooi will soon be added to the fare in that establishment. Next issue we will reveal the goings on of a certain lady in order to attract newbies to her guild. The shock in a frock - or not! '**'

Article #3 Former Guild Leader Convalescing

Author: Ardea

-Former Guild Leader Convalescing- Reported to be "in stable health" A source from the Sanom City Deep Freeze Chamber reports with certainty that former Chalana Arroy Guild Leader, Ruka Brightfoot, is indeed a patient at that facility and has been for several months, putting to rest finally questions that have surrounded her disappearance. According to the staff, Ruka checked in after suffering "a nervous breakdown", saying she needed some "time to chill". They now report her in (not surprisingly) stable condition, and expect her to be ready for discharge in another few weeks.

Article #4 Concerned

Author: Spider

I am deeply concerned about the wizards shedding there clothes and leaving them lying around in the wilderness. Time and time again I see black leather masks, a pair of blue steel pants and leather skirts lying around in forests. I think as Shattered World players we need to have confidence that the immortals are morally uncorruptable. The wizards of Shattered Worlds are our moral guardians, beacons of light that we should all look up to and cherish. This filthy kind of debauchery and displays of nudity surely shake the foundations of what Shattered World was built on.

Article #5 The story of the Golden Rabbit

Author: Delondriel

I walked to the Adventurers Hall one day, in search of a quest. And there, right at the bottom, was "Search for the Golden Rabbit". I decided to look for it. After spending many days of searching I finally found what I'd been looking for. It was a live rabbit made purely of gold! I ran after it, attacking it with my sword but I just couldn't touch it. Suddenly, the rabbit turned and jumped on me. I died instantly. Please find it and inflict vengeance on it. I can't even Re-generate anymore. It might be in a city near YOU! Delondriel

Article #6 Pixie Mayhem!

Author: Mehos

The rumours are true. Pixie's exist, and are taking control with there mischevious tricks and pranks! When you see a Pixie be cautious, if he/she offers you something, be wary... It may be a trick. If a Pixie asks you to do something, be sure you know what you are doing and watch your back.

Article #7 Tigo quote of the day

Author: Dyskilian

Tigo says: fucking imm's, always have to have the last zap

Article #8 Groups

Author: Lyriel

Here are shattered several groups have formed, whether you're aware of them or not. For example, there are certain people who possess anime names, and those who use names from books or history. What I want to know is if these groups will join together to overthrow the shattered government! So paranoid people beware of the groups.

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