Section #5 Editorials

Article #1 Sanom times #250!

Author: Patrick

Greeting people of shattered world, I Patrick (duke, magistrate, high druid of fire, mithril knight, leader of the palladium, chief editor, master of the skies, deathmatch champion) congratulate you on reading this new edition of the Sanom Times. This new edition brings in a few interesting articles. Octcela writes about the difficulties of chopping wood for those with the arachean physique. Nodren writes about his personal views on fighting. Anomander heralds the coming of the tritons along with a few threats. There's interesting news about a grmkel getting gunned down in Sanom. Also there is gossip about something going on between Coldrock and Ivana. Enjoy! Patrick

Article #2 Mudschool?

Author: Istvaan

Whilst trying other MUD's, mainly due to the fact that shattered world nwas not working, their tutorial systems are both better, and worse in some aspects. A.V.A.T.A.R. is one example of a mudschool tutorial system, where you are not given a guide, but must walk through rooms, of their tutorial hall, or mudschool , as they call it, and are also not equipeed with any- thing. The beginning of the game prompts you for your name, (of course) and what race you are. Unlike our own 'choosing a race' tutorial, each of their races have attributes and weaknesses, and everybody starts with a standard character of that race. IN addition to this, it prompts you then to choose a guild, for lack of a beter word, which makes your character the individaul. Then you enter the mudschool, where you learn the basics at first, and the complex later in the school. As you progress through the school, you get the equipment, like you do in the newcomers hall, but you have to kill the monsters there to get it. The monsters are easier to kill than rats, (for obvious reasons) so you get your equipment with nio loss of hpo. Once finished, you request an immortal to bring you up to lebvel 2, which allows you to save. As you can see, its a lot harder to get your character saved, but provides much more 'hnads on' experiance for the real newcomers, but also makes experianced Mudders alternate char's a lot easier to create. It also seems that the Mudschool is more popular than the simple tutorials that are offered on shattered world, becuase Phoenix has Risen is another MUD and it also has the AVATAR mudschool system implemented. Phoenix is a little different, with AVATRA to shattered, as it allows any race to eat corpse, (after cooking) so saver your clinker (Phoenix money) by not buyoing food. Though, with that, very litle businesses in shattered world would go bust. One final compariosion, is sleeping. In both AVATAR and Phoenix, which shattered lacks, is sleeping, proper slleeping. In both other MUD's, sleeping, you cannot attack, or anything like that, you are essientally asleep, but your HP groews back twice as fast, which is very handy, and something I can see happeneing in Shattered world in the near future.

Article #3 Public Service Announcement

Author: Electro

This Public Service Announcement is being brought to you by the local Oil company. The immortals seem to be pinching pennies once again, my friends. This time we cannot let it happen! There are no street lights, even on the corners of the main streets of Sanom! Why our very lives may be in danger due to the tight-fistedness of the immortals as they try to save a little coin. Why just tonight on my way to a quest, I encountered a dark shape lurking on the corner of Cormoran and Coldrock Roads. Something made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I am no whimp, mind you. On a bit closer inspection I noticed it was a lady. A nice shape too I might add. But then I asked myself, "Self, what would a "lady" be doing lurking on the dark corners of our fair city's street?" As I am often want to do, I answered my own question, "Well there is only one thing a "lady" counld be doing out that late at night and in those very provacative clothes. I might add." Of course, she would not be called a lady then most likely. hehe But as concerned citizens we should do something about the poor lighting. I mean I could see enough to know that like any other blooded male of any race, I wanted to see more. I did get close enough to see the clothing she wore and it was very low necked and very very short. Also there was a lovely little necklace hanging down between... well, her decoutage shall we say, and the pendant that hung just above her...ahem...was the letter L. I must leave the rest to your imagination, dear friends as this is a family newpaper. So please friends, if you are interested in safety for you and your family or if you are just interested in seeing more than I was able to see because of the danged poor lighting, join me in my crusade to get better lighting at the corners for these lovely ladies of the evening. --Submitted by Roving Reporter, Electro

Article #4 Delusional Players

Author: Malik

It has come to my attention that a few young *cough* weak players dearly overestimate themselves in terms of strength. I have heard weak, almost pathetically stupid, players tell me they are nearly lord.....only 9 quests to go! I have heard players with a measly 20 quest points tell me they are preparing for Saviour Of Souls, then ask if a soulstab will kill the soulmaster....HA! This article is to inform young players that high level quests are for high level players, and until you can finish off a tough character or NPC quickly you will not stand a chance... I am by no means one of the toughest players in the realm, but I could slaughter these delusional players, and players more powerful than me shiver at the words 'Saviour Of Souls'. MY SOLUTION: Tough players should kill ALL delusional characters ON SIGHT! then tell them how you fear the Soulmaster, maybe this will show them that defeating the Juggler is not a benchmark to be proud of, it is a step (SMALL STEP!) towards defeating the REAL creatures of the realm.... I hope this article will enlighten those weak players that think they are ready to tackle the tough quests, I will be more than happy to accompany these players through Dalmar's Bane, a quest that tough players eventually breeze through...any survivors will gain my respect, any casualties will gain an insight into the steps they still need to take in order to stand a chance in the quests to come.... - Malik the Mithril

Article #5 The Go Puzzle

Author: Bilbo

The Go puzzle is a quest that everyone must copmplete in order to get all the avalable quest points. In my opinion is that it a very useless quest Most people that even try to do the quest dont even understand the rules of the game or even how to play it. The instructions in the palace library are very breif and confusing that noone understands. The way that I usually try to solve it is to just go though and try every posible combinations and numbers untill I get the right one. This may seem tedios and anoing, but its the best and only way. After about ten minutes of trying combinations, I finally finished all three reqiered puzzles. The puzzle is useless because it only gives you 2 quest points and a little intelegence. I find this a little small because ther is not much use to what it gives you. My advice to new people is to stay as far away from the quest untill you really have to do it.

Article #6 Dog Kennels

Author: Klaudia

Dog Kennels are perhaps one of the cruelest things the zoo owns. Personally, I think that Dog Kennels should not be used ever, and that dogs should be allowed to run around as free as they were born. Is there not a statement saying that "All men are created equal"? So why aren't dogs equal too? Just because they're a different species, does that mean that they are unable to enjoy the same rights that we do? Just because they don't speak any language understandable to humans, does that mean that they have to be tied up with a leash and collar? No. Dogs should be able to hold the exact same rights as humans no matter what, and on the simple fact that they can be EXTREMELY cute.

Article #7 Outbreak

Author: Nisshoku

Have you spent much money on vaccinations lately? Or perhaps you've been unlucky enough to scratch a few layers of skin off? Or maybe you are one of the few who have not experianced the pox. What causes this extremely contagious disease? It is easy to pass from person to person, but where did it come from? Perhaps the pox is being brought to town in rats. Many rats have been running rampant through the city streets lately, carrying strange bacterias with them from the depths of the sewers. And if you have ever been to the sewers, you will know that there are definitly strange things there. These rats, as well as cats and dogs walk through the streets, spreading the vile pox upon everyone. What can be done about it? Exterminating the animals in the city will slow down the pox, but the sourec will remain, and it will begin to spread again. Perhaps the entire sewer should be flushed of vermin.

Article #8 Glitches take all of the fun out of this game

Author: Airborn

You know most of the time the game runs smoothly but there are those few times when it messes up and you lose a lot of your stuff. like when you are working on a quest and you are just about to finish it but you get kicked out of the game or you get stuck in some place that it won't let you get out of. Those things can really wreck the game for those who want to just have fun but i know its probably not posseble to fix all of the bugs but even if you can play the game without 1 or 2 glitches happening it would be a lot funner. THE END

Article #9 A Realm Of Evil

Author: Yoda

Today is a sad day, for today i must face the fact the the realm is ruled by chaos. People of the realm care not for each other and will murder there allies without a second thought. I am lead to believe this is the influence of Arioch and Zarquon for they are gods of bloodshed and murder. This article is an outcry from me to call upon the Knights of Vulcan to defend the weak and innocent and to enforce some disaplen in a realm of chaos and evil doings. One such advocate of this evil is the one known as Verity, a spineless coward who prays only on the weak and those who have yet to conquer many quests. Heed my warning Verity, these actions will be stopped at once or you will have an unpleasent confrontation with the Jedi master himself. Dont give in to anger, if you choose to disobey me... so beit, you will meet your destiny. -Yoda the Jedi master

Article #10 Something or Other

Author: Asclepius

Firstly, I wish to admit that, unfortunately I am Lief. I cannot help that. I am attempting to cut back on the 'humor' somewhat. I think that I am safe as long as Malik is not on. On a more important subject, I wish to ask what ever happened to the protecting the city from rain? I noticed no dome over the city. Rain can fall from the sky into Sanom! This is catastrophic! Had I not such a great respect for the King, I would dare to suggest that it may be due to laziness on his part, or worse, outright discrimination against Grmkels! If it were the latter, I would sue. In fact, since I have left, not one of my brilliant ideas has been put into effect, besides of course the guild of Vulcan. I am astounded. Indeed, despite my original intentions to permanently leave Shattered World, I feel that I must return for the greater good, to resume my citizenship and push through measures to entirely repair the govenment. Asclepius for Fool! I'll recount the votes until I win! I sincerely apologize. I am a lunatic.

Article #11 Living conditions of the animals at the zoo

Author: Nivenia

After helping out Steven, the zookeeper, I have realised that the animals are not being kept in suitable conditions. They have little room to roam, almost no natural habbitat around and little or no company. The poor animals could benefit a great deal if someone would sponser the development of a large, improved environment for them to roam in, and further support would be required for the new introduction of partners and packs were appropriate allowing the creatures the suitable levels of companionship.

Article #12 A Threat to Society

Author: Theophanto

Throughout the cities of the realm, a threat looms larges above our heads, and imperils the very fabric of our society: ganja addiction. In every corner of every city, town, and village, youths are found smoking this dangerous hallucinogen. Those who cannot afford the prices demanded by ganja dealers are forced to turn to a life of crime to pay for the ganja. As the addiction escalates and Ke'Ting begins to demand ever larger and larger sums from his followers, these addicts are forced to resort to crimes of violence, robbing and even murdering dozens before they collapse, dying within minutes unless immediately treated by a healer. Why do these people begin the long road to death that is ganja? We interviewed a ganja addict we found prostrate in Llewella's Boozer, a pub in Merenth. Arkayn, who has asked to remain nameless, says, "I just like the feeling of being a walrus. The lawnmaster was fun too." On being asked how he pays for the drug, he replied, "I was going to try to become a Realitist so I could make my own ganja, but by taking out a large loan from the Breakwater Bank, I was able to buy enough ganja for the next three hundred years. But then I was sitting around my house one day, and it was rainy, so I was getting bored... I woke up two weeks later to discover that I had invested my life savings in discount string and had joined the circus as a midget elephant." But let us turn our eye to the villain of the ganja trade, the dealer. Every week, without fail, he is found in docks of Merenth, eagerly awaiting his next shipment from the hidden fields of Geldar. Upon purchasing his portion of the load, he returns to his home, be it Sanom, Deall, or even Mountain Village, where such illicit activities take place under the very stronghold of the knights. He then raises the price tenfold, and, after adding leaves to dilute the ganja, he sells his dangerous goods to the addicts for huge quantities of gold. Still, the life of a dealer is dangerous, too. Many become addicted to the use of their own wares. Some buy ganja, only to find that they have spent thousands of coins upon an illusion which vanishes before it can be sold. Some have even been murdered by addicts who are unable to pay for the expensive drug. Fellow-citizens, the numbers are in: ganja is a definite threat to our society. More ganja has been sold this last year than in any earlier two years. More people have died from overdoses this year than from choking on rabbits. More ganja-related murders have taken place in Sanom than in the rest of the world combined. The city guards do not even object to the selling of ganja when it happens in their presence. There is clearly a great danger. However, the situation is not hopeless. If we take action now, I am sure that this horrible cancer can be removed from society. Firstly, our government must put pressure on Geldar to take actions to discourage illegal growing of ganja. We must attempt to catch smugglers as they bring the drug into Sanom, and the city guards must arrest anyone who is carrying ganja or appears to be under its influence. We must teach children in schools not to smoke ganja. If all of these steps are taken, I hope that within a decade Sanom will once again we a safe and pleasant place.

Article #13 dragons, draconians, and other creatures

Author: Nightslasher

I like the fantsy creatures, including dragons and wierd animals. The draconians are very much the same to dragons. They both have strong teeth to shred, they both have talons, and they both have wings for flight. Rocs are also one of the creatures I like in Shattered World. There are many creatures including orcs, mephits, archons, grmkls, humans, and tritons. They are all majestic beins. In conclusion, alot of creatures are friendly, buetaful, and gracefull. But many are ugly, un trustworthy, and the moment you turn your back, they start attacking you.

Article #14 Beware the tide coming!

Author: Anomander

For a long time now, Tritons have been the unknown race. They rarely interact with the rest of the world, in fact its quite rare that you will see one at all, unless they are being used as a beast of burden to mindlessly carry stuff around for other people in Shattered Worlds. However this is now beginning to change. More and more Tritons are coming onto the land to start taking their place in the scheme of things. I Anomander Rake, am one such, and I warn you that when I do finally make my presence felt, you would do well to run and hide, since no longer will the Triton people be the slaves to the rest of the races on this world.!! We are coming to claim our place of fame, and I aim to be the first among them......

Article #15 Operating Costs Good in Theory...

Author: Ruka

...But too high in practice. Not even a decade ago, Rowenmount was the fasted growing city in the Kingdom. Businesses were popping up like mushrooms. Today, this once sprawling metropolis is a hollow shell of its former self. What could cause such a drastic change? Operating costs, that's what. Yes it's a good idea in theory: money is returned to banks and treasuries, it makes business-owning a bit more "realistic". But the amounts charged are anything but practical. For example, a brewery has to pay out around 3000 coins per quarter (three MUD months, or about one RL week). This is not including the cost of materials--which can run in the hundreds, per barrel of brew--or taxes. In one quarter, said brewery needs to clear 3000 in profits, just to clear operating costs. The most expensive barrels, Blasters, average around 500-600 a barrel, retail. What this means is, a brewery has to sell at least 5 barrels of Blaster PER RL WEEK--again, just to cover operating costs. It's time to consider lowering operating costs to a reasonable level. Perhaps then enterprising citizens will be more willing to own and run businesses, Guild Leaders can worry about, oh, running their GUILD, and great cities will be less likely to become ghost towns.

Article #16 editorial

Author: Skif

The Cult of Matrix Matrix is the greatest of the cults out there. You may ask yourself why? To put it simply, everybody in Matrix cares for and supports each other. From the moment I was inducted as a lowly Initiate, my fellow Matrices have spent time to help and assist me with all of my questions and concerns. Led by the magnificent Queen Shriek, even she has shown me nothing but kindness and assisted me when I truly needed it. She supplied me with wepaons and armor, and her time when I had questions about anything, including when I needed to find the Guilds. She is truly great, and I look forward to supporting my cult with all of my might as I grow in strenght. So join Matrix today, friendship and support are waiting for you! Signed, Beowolf The Galadorian

Article #17 Friendly and Helpful players

Author: Dracnar

I have found this game to be very user friendly. I alot of the players have been very helpful. One in particular comes to mind Octcela she has been helpful to me from the begiining SHe has shown me alot of places and how to do things in the game I have to say this mud is very new player friendly. p p

Article #18 editorial

Author: Burl

Dear Editor, It seems to me very annoying that the Sanom City Blood Bank seems to be constantly lacking in funds. The Blood Bank should be a place for people who are hard up on cash to go to get a little spending money, but it is almost impossible to do that, since it never has any money. The Blood Bank should be funded, at least in part, by the government, since it provides a public service to people new to this land. -- Burl --

Article #19 guild leaders

Author: Bink

i think guild leaders should experienced player who know alot about shatter. Not people who just get in because there is no gl. For example there are many newbie like guild leaders and i think that is wrong. This submission is ment to stirr up to gods to change the way you become a gl. What i mean is they should make it so old chars/experienced should be guild leaders So people! Here my cry!

Article #20 editorial

Author: Thrag

sleeves or shirt Protection. Protection from the nasty things that wonder the world. I find the lack of arm armour disturbing. I have been looking for just some thing to protect my arms. I seem to do alright until when fighting until my arm gets almost severed. Why is it that one can get plate armour made for a wing or horn maybe a tail but not for my arms? I find it disturbing. Why is it like this. I guess only the immortals know.

Article #21 EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA!

Author: Nura

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! SANOM CITY TIMES ~ EDITION #265 Welcome to the latest edition of the Sanom City Times. After a calamitous period, during which disaster after disaster befell the newspaper and the editors office making it impossible to print the current issue, (Fire, Pestilence, Flood and destruction by the marauding Balrog Oilers floor ball team) finally we have a new edition. So much has happened in and around the Shattered realms since we last reported the news, including a new celestial moon phase, during which a number of new alliances amongst the gods have been forged. Many new properties have sprung up in and around Sanom as new home and property owners fight for a piece of the shattered real-estate market. Financially, this period has been one of upheaval and change. With Inflation rising sharply to record highs before falling somewhat after a number of responsible shop owners got together to attempt to remedy the situation. Unfortunately this was short lived as other blatantly disrespectful shop owners continued their pillage of the lands economy by posting outlandish prices on in many cases, basic armour and weapon items. This resulted in another rise in inflation, before we reached the current situation we find ourselves in, where inflation has fallen again, and the back of a reduction in advanced armour and weapon prices. Unfortunately basic weapon and armour prices still remain at their inflated levels, and in fact have been seen to rise in this cycle. Shame on you money hungry shop owners who are abusing your position in the community as responsible landholders. Shame I say. Shame. Be under no misconceptions citizens of Sanom, these individuals are showing a complete lack of respect to us all, and are making huge windfalls off of your hard labour. When you wonder why operation costs are so high again, why your guild has no money and limited or no alliances, why you cant buy that great sword you really wanted at a reasonable price?, remember the tyrants who are robbing you and our economy blind. Who are these tyrants I speak of? Who is it that is destroying our economy and reaping the benefits? Well,look no further than the list of top 10 bank accounts, and youll see the individual with the largest account currently in the shattered realms, none other than Guild Leader Ugnia is the number one offender, along with his sidekick and conspirator Galpec. What can be done about this heinous activity I hear you say? Who will stand up for the rights and virtue of the average citizen? A good question, and one that remains to be answered. Will we see the return of the infamous Economic Crusader? Only time will tell. However, dont stand by idly and watch this rubbish continue. Voice our opinion. Let your feelings be known. Boycott the shops of these offenders. Refuse to do business with them. Spit on them and slander their vile names to all and sundry. The citizens of Sanom have a voice. Use it, and help make our poor, down trodden economy into the strong, vibrant self it once was. May justice and economic common sense reign supreme in Sanom. God speed to you all. Nura Nal, Editor in chief.

Article #22 Extra! Extra! Extra!

Author: Nura

Welcome to the Latest edition of the Sanom City Times. Apologies in abundance for all you avid readers out there who have patiently been awaiting this latest instalment. Unfortunately the chief editor has been a slack fart. With another new moon phase right upon us, all attention is focussed on who will ally with whom, amid a flurry of positioning by the various guild leaders. Hot news has Ravnos placed to offer alliances with almost every guild this moon phase. In other news, immortal Sky has been sneaking in and around the streets of sanom, muttering obscenities at all and sundry and apparently holding late night meetings with co-conspirator, the game driver. Sources say the two are to be wed shortly although many predict the relationship will end all too quickly in yet another crash and burn break up. A spate of backroom thefts in recent times has lead to heated debate amongst the citizens of sanom with calls for law amendments to rectify the situation falling just short when put to the vote. Numerous examples of pitiful crimes against hard working shop owners have been noted in various law logs and numerous offenders prosecuted for this heinous crime. When asked for comment, the sanom trade ombudsman had the following to say:- "It's quite simple really. The law provides that all backroom theft is illegal and offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Having said that, I reckon the shop owners should get off their lazy backsides and make sure their property is secure". Finally, the Sanom City Times is very pleased to announce that a number of citizens have recently risen above the rank and file of sanom's underclass and joined the upper Elite in becoming Lords. After years of tireless work, these individuals have finally ascended to Lord status, and all that remains to be seen is if any of them have the calhones to go on and one day become the monarch of our realm. The Times salutes the following new lords:- Chief Magistrate, Baron Dyskilian Sir Maurth, The Lord who Swallows Madam Gladia the master berserker Sir Tyr, The Undead Slayer Madam Nura Nal, The Berserker Lord. Happy adventuring fellow citizens, and remember more news is good news. Chief Editor, Madam Nura Nal.

Article #23 Extra Extra! New Editor In Chief

Author: Ugnia

Sanom City Times ~ Edition #266 Welcome to the latest edition of the Sanom City Times The City Times is finally operational again. After ex-editor Nura Nal's rapid ascention to the monarchy, the newspaper was shut down, the printing presses turned off, and the office door remained locked. Some time later, ex-Queen Shriek was appointed editor, but once again, no change in the office, no new editions. People attempting the newspaper quest were woefully disappointed when almost 3 years after submitting their articles nothing happened, and those 3 quest points remained just out of reach. However all that has changed. In a relatively unpredicted move, Queen Nura has appointed Ugnia as the latest editor of the Sanom Times, despite the apparent rivalry between the two, as can be noted by perusal of past editorials of this prestigious publication. The upshot of all this is, however, that the paper is once again functional, so expect regular editions of the paper in the future. Much else has happened since the last edition. Another moonphase, new alliances and a huge influx of cults. After a long time with only two or three cults, we now have eight to choose from. However, many of the cults are small and inactive. There are currently 3 dominant cults. Sedition, led by our ex-editor Nura Nal, with it's multitude of alliances, gives Nura the monarchy. However the strongest cult is ecstasy, led by Dyskilian - but for a lack of alliances, he would be King. Thirdly there is The Conclave, led by Milambar, lord of engelwood, the now largest city in shattered world. More recently, Gladia, long time high priest of Dyskilian's cult Ecstasy has split off and formed her own cult, echelon. Only time will tell whether this new cult will be one of the front-runners. Another issue of great import presently is the large number of closed shops. Just take a walk down the main streets of Sanom, and note how many boarded up windows greet you. Previously thriving businesses are run-down and deteriorating. Something must be done about this, or Engelwood really will become the new hub for Shattered World. I would also like to encourage everyone to continue submitting to the newspaper. I intend to publish a new edition much more regularly than has been the case in the past, so you won't have to wait for three years to get your articles published. Ugnia of clan Ugworth Editor In Chief

Article #24 Editorial - Anitul, 449

Author: Ugnia

The last few weeks have been a time of much turmoil in the Shattered World. Players and gods have gone to war; some gods seem to be leaving us and new gods are appearing; the trolls seem to be getting stronger, as do the fish; the use of alts has been severely diminished; and many of the inhabitants of shattered world seem to be taking a more active interest in players lives - and that's not even getting into 500! The use of alts (characters created by players who already have a main character) has been severly restricted recently so that players may only have one character logged on at once. This is in an attempt to encourage role playing and player interaction on the mud. Despite much complaining by certain players on the mud, players seem to be flocking to the mud, with many new players in recent weeks, including many now running for citizen. This may also have to do with the more active roles the immortals have been taking in the life of the mud - we've seen gods come to life, as well as many monsters shouting threats across the world, taunting specific players and goading them into attacking. If the mud continues along this line, I'm sure the majority of the players will not miss their alts anywhere near as much as they initially thought. On a vaguely similar note, from this point forward, submissions to the Sanom City Times will only be accepted if they are in character - out of character submissions, especially those along the "newbie help" format will no longer be published, unless they are of exceptional quality. The past "newbie help" articles will be left in the archives, and will continue to be accessible to all players. There are also increasing rumours of a new cult - Malecta, the god of Necromancers appeared to the Shattered world recently. There is much excitement amongst the denizens of Sanom in anticipation of the the complete arrival of this new God. We at the Sanom City Times will follow these rumours with utmost dedication to bring you, the readers, the most up-to-date information about the new guild as we can. Anyone with information about this new guild - write an article and submit it! I hope you enjoy the latest edition of the paper - and keep submitting! Ugnia of clan Ugworth Editor in Chief

Article #25 Editorial Novander 450, Sanom City Times #268

Author: Ugnia

Much has happened in the shattered world since the last edition of the times. From a new guild, to a new sport, the newspaper is the place to read about all that has occured in the last year. Malecta, the dark mistress, rumoured to be a sister of Chalana Arroy's has awakened an old temple, and called out for followers. And she has found those followers. Already two Guild leaders have taken control of her new guild, initially Mehos, now Sanom City Constable, and then Rahvin, recently elect to the position of Citizen. With the power to create skeletons, and to drain the dead for power, these "necromancers" have been roaming the streets with a rather macabre inventory of corpses and disembodied limbs. No doubt we will hear more of this newest guild. The sporting world has seen a sudden increase in playing of poker, perhaps even at the expense of 500. You can read more about this in the 500 report. There have been reports of cloning in the city, murder, theft and betrayal, and pending economic disaster. All this can be read about in the articles of this edition. The three main cults of the shattered world, namely Ecstasy, the Conclave and Sedition have grown in size, and are now all very close in size, meaning again that Nura only holds on to the crown by way of her alliances with other lords. This increase in size of the cults is mainly due to the recent bout of new citizens of the realm. The newspaper congratulates the following for attaining the position of citizen: Constable Mehos Citizen Hexyn Citizen Azimuth Guild Leader Rahvin Citizen Westly Citizen Ceradon Citizen Amphion Citizen Elza Enjoy the latest edition of the Sanom City Times, and keep submitting those articles! Ugnia of clan Ugworth Editor-In-Chief

Article #26 Editorial Jonevar 454, Sanom City Times #269

Author: Ugnia

A moonphase has come and gone. We have seen the fall of the mighty guild of mages, xarus. Long has it resided at the top of the guild list, long has it been ruled by Guild Leader Dyskilian. However all these things are no longer. Thanks to the manipulations of Queen Nura, the guild of Xarus has lost it's alliances to other guilds, and will remain without allies until the next moonphase. In other new, for the first time, the necromancer guild has gained alliances. We will soon see whether it is compatible with any of it's current alliances, those being javen, arioch, gaia, ke'ting, zarquon and ravnos. With such a multitude of other guilds to choose from, it is little wonder that malecta is now ranked the third most popular guild. The monarchy has again been claimed by nura, after a fairly long period of governance by ex-king Dyskilian. Only time will tell whether the current ruler will last for long. One of our ex-rulers, ex-queen Shriek, has also returned. For the first time in over a moonphase, she is again active. She has worked on her lord points, to bring herself to the second highest ranked lord - has shriek returned? Is she tired of a life of retirement? We shall have to wait and see. And one of the land barons of our time, Mouser, has lost his citizenship. Much controversy has surrounded the previous King of Thieves in recent times, it was rumoured that even the gods were plotting against him. Whether he has succumbed to a plot from on high, or whether he got tired of visiting all his properties once a year, we may never know. Those who gained from his downfall however are sure to be none too disappointed at his demise. It would seem that the game of the gods - 500 - is dead. So few games have been played in recent times that there is no 500 report. It is a shame that this noble game is played no more - i used to enjoy a hand or ten. And that it would seem, is the news for the edition - don't forget to keep submitting articles - the more articles that get submitted, the more often the newspaper will come out, and the sooner you get your quest, and your cash Ugnia of clan Ugworth Editor-In-Chief

Article #27 Editorial Novander 454, Sanom City Times #270

Author: Ugnia

The Gods are falling! Not much time has passed since the last edition, but we have seen the departure of three of the gods of the realm. Belgarion, one of the most senior of modern immortals, left under mysterious circumstances, all of a sudden, with nothing but a notice posted hurriedly on the players' discussion board to note his passing. His presence will be sorely missed in the shattered world. Rahvin's response sums it up well: Farewell to my good friend Belgarion. You will be sorely missed He was the first to depart, however he was not the last. A short while after the disappearance of Belgarion, two more immortals, one only recently turned wizard, another a wizard of some time, also went into voluntary banishment. Namely, Sky (nee skywalker) and Dodinas. Rumours of reincarnation as players abound, but it is certain that their presence as immortals will be sorely missed, especially by those who have to make up for their absence. We have also seen another ascention to immortallity. The town fool, Tigo, has ascended and is now an apprentice immortal. Despite several other immortals denying the fact, and trying to disown him as "not an immortal, just an apprentice", he no longer inhabits the mortal realm. This was welcomed with mixed joy and dispair in the world, as some were happy that he had ascended, and some were sorry to have missed one last opportunity to take a swipe at his neck. And Inzaman Moridin has completed his ascention and has joined the ranks of "true" immortals, stepping into the fray to take up the slack left by the departing Belgarion, Sky and Dodinas. In mortal news, we have seen several new citizens voted in, including Onigiri, Karma, Calina, Godric and Malak. We welcome them and congratulate them on their achievement. Croy has also recently risen to lordship and congratulations must also go to him. There has also been much legal controvercy in the last year, with cfj after cfj being called, and much cluttering of the law boards with arguements flying back and forth and not really going anywhere. However judgement has been made for most of the cfjs. See the article "cfjs galore" for more details. It seems that we truly have seen the end of 500 in the realms. Not a single game has been played since the last edition, and for the first time in almost 10 editions, no sports report will be made this issue. The property market seems to be booming, with construction offices struggling to keep up with work, and several important purchases occuring in the House of Jen, including the transfer of ownership of several Sanom City properties. See the article by Calina for more details. We have a great edition of the paper this time, many very high quality articles, as can be seen by the payments our jounalists have recieved for their efforts this edition. We also congratulate Godric on winning our "best article" competition. Keep up the great work, keep submiting, and enjoy the paper!

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