Section #4 Advertisements

Article #1 Classified Ad

Author: Ardea

SPF (Single Purple Female) seeking Special Someone to settle down with. Are you my Fantasy partner? I like dancing, shopping, meditating, walks on the beach, quiet times. Please be healthy, drug and disease free, and honorable. Send replies at post office ("mail Ardea") No couples, please.

Article #2 Personal Ad

Author: Mikhael

K,(Knight - male human), seeking female companionship inside of his own race. Likes long swims out to Gaia, trekking across the mountains, and (tame-able) small fluffy animals. If interested, please mail Mikhael for information. ciao =)

Article #3 Interactive newspaper

Author: Paladin

As you are already aware, we now have a nicer interface to the newspaper. Other changes to the newspaper included : circulation and edition numbers. payment to the editor, and they can now directly reward submitters Look for soon an automated pub/hotels advertisements for those owners. You players never had it so good.

Article #4 The Arts of Thievery

Author: Quav

Not many know that thievery is really a great skill when compared with several other attributes. Thieves can become some of the most feared and annoying creatures that can grace this Shattered World. One such wonderful combination is that of the arachean - the spider type - and the common thief. The arachean's have the web technique, which will keep victims from moving, and also have a very high dexterity, which helps with all of the thief tactics. Another wonderful combination is that of the realitist thief, who is able to become invisible and stalk its victims without their knowledge and the ability to gaze the position of the victim so that the thief will know where and when to strike. They can also create illusions of knives and daggers that are essential in the art of backstabbing. To make the best thief possible, combine those three elements - thieving, realitists, and aracheans - and you will be able to fulfill all your annoying wishes. The disciple of Ke'ting, Quav the stealthy

Article #5 advertisement

Author: Avede

Single Draconian. Unattached. No baggage and no kids. Aiming at world domination and the horribly deaths of all his enemies, Including, but not limited to, sneaky thieves. Seeking like-minded female Draconian for nights of mayhem and terror. Follower of Zarquon a big plus. Must have own sword or axe and be proficient in the use of said weapon. Send written description and photo of the weapon to Avede, c/o the post office.

Article #6 ad

Author: Divinegon

VISIT THE SANOM CITY BUTCHERS TODAY Sanom City Butchers has the best selection of meats and food you will find anywhere. They are stuffed full of barrels of meat waiting to be delivered, and are selling their food at extremely low prices! Come in and buy exquisite meat products for your restaurant! Only at one place, The Sanom City Butchers, 3 east from the fountain in the centre of Sanom City

Article #7 Personal Ad

Author: Copag

Seeking: Male companionship who is level two or higher in his guild. Qualities: Very polite, has a roc, and is a strong, quick fighter. Im persuasive, and am very pretty. I often travel, seeking fights, romance, friendship and treasure.

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