Section #20 Misc.

Article #1 A Study of the Herbs of the Forests of Shattered World

Author: Cormoran

A preliminary study of the medicinal herbs of our world has been carried out. Some 17000 herbs from 195 species were collected from the forests over a one year period. The numbers and species found have been catalogued and analysed. It would be quite obvious to even the most casual herb collector that the summer months are the most bountiful, both in terms of quantity and variety of herbs available. This study has found that the quantity of herbs available during summer could be as high as three times that during winter. The availability during Autumn and Spring falls between the other two. The actual time spent collecting herbs was approximately equivalent for all seasons, and the number of herbs collected was; Summer - 6795, Autumn - 4234, Winter - 1976, Spring - 3985. The variety of herbs during summer is also greatest. Almost twice the number of varieties are available during summer (121), when compared to winter (62). Again, Autumn (81) and Spring (71) fall between the others. Twenty four varieties can be found throughout the whole year, eight species are found in three seasons, fifty two species are available in two seasons, and one hundred and eleven species can only be found in single seasons. Of the 111 single season herbs, 47 are found in summer, 22 in Autumn, 25 in Winter, and 17 in Spring. Cross seasonality does not imply that a herb is more common. In fact, one particular herb can be found in three seasons, but only three specimens of it have been collected. The only identified herb rarer than this is only found in one season, with two specimens collected. Any herbs not yet identified may of course be rarer still. Further studies will examine the availability of herbs in environments other than the forests.

Article #2 Shattered meets reality!

Author: Skywalker

Here is the drunken tale that I wish to disclose is accurate in my eyes but might not be from someone who is sober and who isn't me :P It all started when Gyplok was going to arrive in Melbourne for a work junket with his woman, being from Darwin and thinking he was better then us Melbournites he decided he was to meet the faces of us would be Shattered players that he often scorned on late night conversations with his partner in crime Wrack. Not being one to step down from a challenge, Trax, Shriek and myself stepped up. And it is where the events may be inaccurate or blurred just like my vision was. Calling me up on my mobile to meet me, Gyplok (real name withheld) was already complaining about the cold weather down here, yet it was a beautiful 24 degree day :) After him not being prompt and my threatening to leave his sorry arse in Casino and drink by himself he pleaded with me to meet up. This fact may be disputed but i am sticking with it. We hit the first bar at the Casino, Gyplok recognised me straight away by my devilishly good looks, and cramped up over used fingers that have obviously pounded too many keyboards. Starting on the beer there was much confusion to do with sizes of glasses and whether i was being a cheapskate... nonsense! I want even ponder the thought. Trax finally arrived and Gyplok pounced, Trax was forced to get out pen and paper and note in big bold letters, 'Knights are f%$ked and their decap needs fixing'. Trax obviously wasn't prepared for the insult and first round went to Gyplok, Trax mournfully sipped at his beer trying to avoid Knights like the plague. We were wondering when our illustrious Drag Queen Shrieky would arrive with his girlfriend ?? girlfriend ?! I did say Drag Queen didn't I! The amber fluid kept flowing and we all started getting merry and hungry.. so it was outside to watch the flame show and enjoy the food. It was then on to Young and Jackson for some more Amber Fluid and more gasbagging about Shattered, exploits, cheats, bugs... and anything else we felt like talking about... thanks to Trax for giving us detailed instructions on how to rort certain features.... *OK OK HOLD IT* just kidding...!! It was mostly about bigmouthing how my character could pk your character in a second and ways we thought we were better then the other, heck i was even starting to get the dutch courage when i said some stupid things like i could beat Shriek, lucky he has a sense of humour and the Captain won't be visitting me :) We reminisced about the old Shattered days, playerkilling, and how powerful some of the abilities were back then, how game styles had changed and how useful the law was to achieve an end. I still haven't worked out how to use the law, so i just player kill still :P Young and Jackson was closing as i was imitating how i use to go into panic mode when i first played shattered and someone started to kill me for no reason, the way i use to get away was pounding as many directions as possible in as many different ways as i could. If i managed to get away i had to work out just where the heck i was. Lets just say I use to get my butt kicked on many occasion when i first started. Yeah i know what it's like to be a newbie.,.. trust me. We headed back to the Casino and after settling down at another bar more conversation flowed, about what it just gets hazy from here on. Shriek and his girlfriend left and the next minute im at the bar trying to order '3 tall glass of titty' to which the bartender wasn't happy and she decided i have had enuf.. yeah yeah i got us kicked out of the bar! It was a fruedian slip or something... or maybe i was just really pissed. We walked about 5 metres to the other bar and it was up to Gyplok and Trax to get me some more drinks. At some stage, i headed to the toilet and comming out i saw a breathe tester, i somehow managed to get my money in and blow for the time period and not choke on the straw for it to come up as .187, now i know these things aren't accurate and i didn't need this machine to tell me i had had enuf :) I needed Gyplok to guide me out of the Casino to where my gf was gonna pick me up, (i don't even remember calling her, apparently i called other people off my head at ridiculous times as well) where i passed out in the car for the trip home. The story doesn't end there for me because i had an appointment with the bank at 9:30 am... at considering we left Crown at 5-6am i didn't get much sleep. After slurring something like 'piss off or i will pk ya!' to my gf she managed to get me up, the appointment was like a dream and the loan officer must have thought i was on crack, because my eyes were all red and i was still way pissed :) When i did get up at 3 in the afternoon i started to pay for all the frivolity from the night before. If asked if i would do it again... Hell yeah, top bunch of people to have a drink with... A big thank you to all who put up with me, Gyplok and Mrs Gyplok, Shriek and Mrs Shriek, Trax, the Bartender with nice boobies, oh and last but not least my girlfriend :)

Article #3 Music to Mud by

Author: Sorabain

1. Armadillo Man - Modern World on every street there is a history of drama and of passion; urban art overlay, of a shattered world... 2. Pride - Welcome to the Cage ... Welcome, oh, to the shattered world we tried to save; The spirit that will never fade; Heart and soul that freed the slaves; Welcome, welcome to the cage! 3. The 69 Eyes - All American Dream on the edge of the world where the neon screams diet-coke religions; shotdown tv-screens american boy loves american girl; most beautiful people in the shattered world i do believe... 4. 0ne - The Sun of Dogs ... only few survived the burning sun; on this shattered world from death we run... 5. Iced Earth - Written on the Walls ... Why can't we stop; This shattered world's fate; Why didn't we try at all; Armageddon town life is gone... 6. Seventh Gate - Retribution ... Repenting innocence forsaken, Fealty broken, lifeblood taken? Too late the shattered world awakens: No light beyond this final end. Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done: Retribution! Your soul is lost. The reaper laughs. You scream in pain. Cry in vain! 7. Kurt Bestor - Prayer of the Children ... Reaching hands with nothing to hold on to, but hope for a better day. Crying, Who will help me to feel the love again in my own land? But if unknown roads lead away from home, give me loving arms, away from harm.. Can you hear the voice of the children softly pleading for silence in their shattered world? .. ~Sorabain, with help from

Article #4 Whips guide to sea creatures:)

Author: Whip

I am going to tell you about the various new creatures that have been introduced into our oceans. Some are perfectly harmless while others can be deadly. First there is the ever common fish. This creature is fairly weak and should just be passed by or, if encoutered alone, killed for practice. They do, however, tend to pucture so be warned. There do seem to be some rare occasions where they can be found traveling in schools. I have seen up to 7 fish in one area. On those rare occasions it would be best not to hang around them, unless you are somewhat experienced. Fish also attack on sight. They can be found at all depths of the ocean. Next we have the dolphin. These creatures are somewhat strong. They, however, do not attack on sight so they are nothing to be feared. They are good practice if you think you are stronger but always remember to "consider" them first. Dolphins are most commonly found towards the surface. Now we have the whale. The whale is the largest known creature in the ocean. They are very strong and any newbie that attemps to attack them will regret it. They are peaceful giants and will never attack unless they are attacked first. These creatures tend to rest in the deepest parts of the oceans and are rarely encountered. Lastly we have the shark; the hunter of the deep. Sharks are not quite as large as whales but are much more powerful. They tend to actively hunt for prey. They should be avoided at all costs. They mainly hunt about half way down to the oceans bottom but can occasionally be seen at the surface. I hope this guide proves useful to you on your journeys. As more creatures are discovered I will try to update to keep you all informed. Who knows, I just might come across the mythical kraken;)

Article #5 A study of ores

Author: Polaris

Greetings! For those who don't know me, my name is Polaris. I can often be found in the tunnels throughout the land, mining and digging new areas of exploration. I am one of the few miners out there, I found nothing more rewarding than getting my hands dirty finding new lumps of ore (As all grmkels should, I am still astounded by those surface walkers The very insinuation of being rained on chills the hearts of most of us depth dwellers). Anyway, during my explorations I have dug up and found more than 500 lumps of ore from nearly 100 types. This is a fairly small amount considering that there are meant to be around 200 types ores, but I am still fairly new to the land. I have decided to present my findings in this article by listing the rarity of ores I have found (Based on how many lumps of that ore I have ripped out of the ground). Here is a list of my findings- Extremely Rare - adamite, allanite, alunite, amblygonite, analcime, anatase, andalusite, anhydrite, annabergite, belgarionite, betafite, brochantite, brookite, caledonite, chromite, cinnabar, descloizite, enargite, eosphorite, ferberite, gold, gypsum, jet, magnesite, mercury, mithril, mylonite, obsidian, pyrite, rhyolite, sodalite, sulphur, tungstite, wardite, zenite, Very Rare - actinolite, asbestos, barite, bournonite, brochanite, carbonatite, cuprite, fluorite, franklinite, glauberite, goethite, graphite, kaolinite, morganite, neptunite, silver Rare - andesite, beryllonite, breccia, calcite, cerargyrite, cobaltite, dendrite, diorite, glauconite, hematite, millerite, platinum, lignite, phonolite, stephanite, tetrahedrite, zincite Fairly Common - acmite, agmatite, anorthite, anthracite, argillite, babingtonite, basalt, bornite, carnallite, carnotite, chalcanthite, copper, covellite, dacite, dumortierite, flint, halite, lead, marble, rutile, talc Common - arenite, bauxite, chabazite, chalcopyrite, granite, iron, limestone, quartzite So, you're probably asking yourself, what use is this list to me? Firstly, if you are a miner or potential miner, you can use this list to add some ores (And rarity classifications) to your records. If you are any player you may want to consider experimenting with the rarer ores, turning them into rings and amulets, as they may have some powerful effects. If you own an ore store you may spot some rare ores that you haven't listed and are interested in buying. Here are some things to note- There are many more ores out there, listing ore prices at ore stores will have some ores that aren't in my list (I have only listed those that I have procured). The rarest ores in my list may not be as rare as I thought. These are only based on how many of a particular ore I have mined so far, there is always the chance I may go mining after this article and pull out 3 zenites in a row. Now you might be asking yourself, why the hell did she list all this info (That others might hold on to)? I believe that sharing information like this amongst the community is useful to developing the efficiency of the miners out there. If anybody uses this list to make rings/amulets from the ores, I would much appreciate it if you can post me the magical effects you have found for each ore (But I won't hold my breath on this one). Also, if there are any miners out there who keep a record of their ores and have mined any ores that don't appear on my list, I would much appreciate it if you could send me their names. , Polaris 49er P.S. I will not be held responsible for any damages (Financial, physical, mental, emotional, etc.) that result from making rings/amulets based on my list of ores.

Article #6 Games Within Games or a Way to Deal With Boredom

Author: Yukiko

After growing bored with hacking and slashing and questing has for the monment become tiresome, I have amother interesting thing to do with my time; I mess around with the npcs. A group of npcs can be a little difficult to deal with since the player isn't the only one adding input into the conversation. However even with a group of them conversation can be entertaining. Topics on philosphy, reality, ai, and the such get some interesting responses. A good standby is to ask who farted. As fun as it is to speak with a group of npcs, I prefer solitary npcs for conversation. The job I set for myself is to get the npc to break what I call a "loop" of conversation. This is when the npc responds with the same words over and over again. I not only want to break the loop, I also want the conversation to move forward on the same subject. Sometimes this can be a daunting task, especially if the npc is programmed to say certain things when a player is in the room, for example the enchantress. She constantly wants to enchant something for you and when it is time for her to say one of her lines, she has a hard time getting back on track. She is a challange, but one worth trying. Johanna seems to be the easiest to break loops with if you're talking about healing, but that darn bard comes along just when you're actually getting somewhere and breaks all the work done so far. Shattered world has many games within games that can entertain the solitary player for many hours. Npc's are just one of the many ways to entertain a player. The more creative the player the more there is to do. Perhaps it's all part of Dredd's mysterious plan.

Article #7 the enter of an unwelkome one

Author: Yrgna

About one weak ago on a thersday, a bad thing happened to me. While I was playing at school during my break another human logged on as me and kicked me off. I did not notice right away though, because I was on another website. When I got back to shattered I found my conection had been lost. so I logged backon as fast as I could. when I got back on I was in the wilderness under the ground. Furthere more I had all of my items missing. Anothere time that this happened i was off so the exact time I do not know, but when I logged on, I was dead, and had no clue how it happened. These are the times that this happened to me and it has not happened since. so I hope it never happens to any player out there. And to all who do do this i say "shame on you, shame on you." Editors note: In the interest of common sense and to reduce the chance of the fateful disease you have obviously been afflicted with, known as stupidity from spreading to other players, we strongly advise you to change your password and hide it from others. Better still, suicide as soon as possible and remove yourself from the gene pool.

Article #8 article

Author: Shay

Of late there has been a brash wave of rude behaviour and misconduct rising all over Shattered World. There appears to be a person or group of people who are messing up the quests of other players, making things very hard for newbies as well as other honest players. Recently I have attempted two quests, only to find that halfway though, a key person has been killed or a key part of the quest removed. This is not just a problem that I face, but all players do. Several people have also run into these problems and we have agreed that something needs to be done to save the integrity of this world. This is a charge to all players, if you see someone messing with a quest or find one all screwed up, report it or try to fix it. This is the only way that we can keep this game fair and running for all that enjoy it. Also, If you are one of those few, be warned that what you are doing is not fair to others and that if you are found, a bounty will be placed on your heads, or the game masters will be informed of what you have done. So please, stop these unjust actions, and be fair to all people who enjoy this system.

Article #9 Shattered World in 3D

Author: Skinhat

Ever wondered what it would look like to stand outside the gates of Sanom city? Wanted to explore Sengoku castle and see what its gardens look like? Heres your chance with the brand new Shatterd World 3D client. See the horror of being turned to pulp by a gang of trolls with the beautiful backdrop of Shattered Worlds mountain ranges or the medieval splendour of one of the lord towns. This is excitement plus much more is available to you in one install at: Before you install you can see some of the screenshots for this client at: Also note that some towns are undefined such as the inside of Sanom. At present if you start in Sanom you will see clouds but when you leave Sanom you will see a 3D picture. Wizards have assured me that they will work on this but it will likely take them a long time to get round to it.

Article #10 Shattered World in 3D

Author: Beelzebub

Shattered World in 3D Nowadays with games around like Quake and Half Life playing a text based mud can seem a bit like driving a model T Ford. Yet muds have a huge depth and complexity that games like Quake and Half-Life don't even come close too. The ultimate games would have to be a game that combines the depth and complexity of a mud (such as Shattered World) with a 3D display like Quake. I have tried to achieve this with a project I've been working on for the past few months. It is a Microsoft application that has a telnet client on it that allows you to type mud commands like you normally would except at the top of the application is a window that displays a scene in Shattered World in 3D. If you're interested in seeing what sort of scenes the program is rendering theres a few screenshots at: I've been working on finishing various phases for the program and these are complete. For example there is a 3D terrain of Shattered World. Also if you see an archon an archon will be displayed. Also towns, vegetation, weather and time of day are displayed. Before a version will be release I'm completing all the Lord towns (only completed Sengoku and Rebma so far) and also cleaning up loose ends. Hopefully there will be something for people to try out in a month or two.

Article #11 Health Alert

Author: Scruffy

Health experts today are warning that Shattered World's ageing population could be facing a severe epidemic of heart disease and diabetes due to the levels of cholesterol in the food available. Stuuf Meself, from the World Hit Point Squad, after a brief inspection of Sanom City had this to say. "I mean, look at the junk you guys all eat. There's hamburgers and hot dogs, frejola and human meat." Recent studies by the WHO showed that minotaur and human meat were especially high in cholesterol, prompting Dr Meself to add "You need to lay off the fatty stuff, guys. I mean, look at the fat dripping from this rat skewer. Don't even get me started on the junk food at the Randy Goat." Of course, these findings are more of a concern to the older residents of Shattered, who are urged to consult their local healer from more information on lifestyle changes and the risk of chronic disease.

Article #12 Arachean

Author: Kep

While every other player on this mud chose something else, I chose the race Arachean. It is a very useful race; it has a webbing skill which allows it to tangle up enemies so they can't fight back for a while, you can make ropes with it, and can even block exits with it. The webbing skill can be used in conjunction with the thieves guild to trap the person you're stealing from long enough to steal, then run for it. Also, you will never be hungry again as the corpse draining skill allows you to drain the juices out of a corpse so you can gain hp and fill your stomach. So when choosing a race with a new character, consider choosing Arachean instead of Draconian, Human, etc. Kep.

Article #13 what is an MUD?

Author: Isis

Many people have asked what an MUD is. Is it dirt and water mixed toghter or is it something that people devised because they were bored. I'm here to answer that question. "MUD" stands for Multi-User-Dungeon. It allows people from all over the world to play together in a fictional enviroment. It has existed almost as long as there has been an internet.

Article #14 A teaser

Author: Mutaki

Shintala does not exist on the normal plain of reality it is unreachable unless through means of magic, even then it would not be wise to create a gateway to a plain such as this for you would be burnt to ashes as soon as you exit the rift. The plain of shintala is a floating disc in the void of nothingness, creating small pool of light, that could only be seen after you had already passed though it. The plain itself seems magical, held together by a magic of some sort. Flames dance across the plain of Shintala, fireballs leap into sky and waves of fire burst through the molten surface to be engulfed by even more flames. Everything has either been burnt to ashes or is molten; the surface seeming alive to the touch, flames dancing to a rhythmic beat, molten rock and lava swirling around the disc, natural course of the flows do not seem to occur. The sky is as dark as a pitch black void of nothingness; nothing mars the satin of darkness surrounding the plain. Tiny forms move gracefully across the plain, they seem to be dancing along with the flames. These hairless, skinny creatures are now known as Mephits. The most remarkable feature about them is their bright orange eyes, even though they live in a world of fire, there eyes stand out like fireflies in the night sky. There less remarkable features, yet no less interesting are their long noses, fleshy ears and a broad grin which stretches from one fleshy ear to the other.

Article #15 How to Buy and Cook Troll

Author: Yrek

Everybody loves troll, well anyone who has ever tried it. Because troll is some of the most unique and delicious meat in the known world, troll cuisine will soon be sweeping the country. At the moment it is extremely difficult to find recipes and if you've ever tried to buy troll you know what a difficult hassle that can be. So here is our advice, don't buy troll, kill it yourself. This guarantees freshness and quality while being economical. And here are the recipes: First off the infamous Cajun Fried Troll 2 pounds troll tail (1" pieces) Salt Alegro Sauce Pepper, black & red 1/2 jar mustard 1 1/2 cups water Tabasco sauce Flour Garlic powder Peanut oil Marinate troll in Alegro Sauce 4 to 5 hours. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix mustard, garlic powder, and Tabasco sauce. Dip troll into mustard batter, roll in flour, fry in peanut oil at 375-400 degrees until golden brown. Second up we have a gorgeous: Troll Piquant 1 piece Troll Meat (any cut) 1 bell pepper 1 cup flour 2 tbsp tomato paste 1 tbsp triton oil 1 clove garlic 2 onions 1 andouille 2 ounce butter herbs to season Boil troll meat for 5 minutes to remove fat. Rinse meat in clean water. Brown meat in black iron pot. Remove meat and clean pot. Place flour and oil in black pot. Cook stirring constantly until as dark as chocolate. Add onions and bell pepper. Cook until dark brown and soft. Add tomato paste and cooked tomatoes and simmer for 30 minutes. Add garlic, meat, seasonings, and andouille and simmer 25 minutes. Add butter and cook for another 40 minutes. Serve over rice. And finally an old favourite: Cajun Troll Sausage MAKES: 25-6 inch links 2 pounds ground orc 1/2 pound ground orc fat 1/4 cup chopped onions 1/4 cup chopped celery 1/4 cup diced garlic 1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper 1/4 cup chopped parsley 1/4 cup sliced green onions 1/4 cup chopped sage 1/4 cup chopped basil salt and black pepper to taste Pepper Sauce to taste 15 feet casing for stuffing In large mixing bowl, combine all of the above ingredients with the exception of the casing. Add one cup of ice water to the mixture and using both hands, blend the ingredients well. Continue to mix in a rolling motion until the fat content of the orc coats the surface of the mixture. This is imperative if the sausage is to be moist and juicy since troll by nature is quite dry. Once the ingredients are well blended, you may wish to check the seasonings by sauting a small patty in a frying pan. Correct seasonings if necessary. Stuff the sausage mixture in the hog casing and tie off in six inch links. To cook, poach the sausage in lightly salted water for three to five minutes. Grill over pecan wood or bake in a 375 degree F oven until golden brown, approximately ten to twelve minutes. Hope you enjoy and clean many a troll, stay tuned for a later installment on how to skin, fillet and barbeque your very own dragon!

Article #16 Gems and mining

Author: Snowy

Wouldnt it be wonderful to be able to find gems while mining? Currently we are unable to find gems through mining, though through it is rumoured that you once could find gems when mining, small ones albeit but still gems. When mining it becomes tiresome continually looking at just ores, and occasional ruby, emerald or diamond would add some spice to it or even some excitement. There is currently excitement when mining because who knows, you might dig up ores that are worth selling, or perhaps a rare uranium ore. Who knows? But none I have spoken to have had the enjoyment of finding a gem. The possibility of finding a small gem or even better a large gem! People would be mining for different reasons, you would even see some older players getting their old picks and axes out looking for the rare, beautiful and glamourous large gem. If only the gods would return the gems to the ground. There would be many benifits: 1) Ores as far as the eye could see, every ore that people needed available to buy. 2) Cult reserves, new players struggling to keep positive reserves while trying to mine for ores to make money. 3) Smithy's would not run short of iron ore, so they can repair whenever there is demand. 4) Ore trade would go up significantly. 5) People could not complain about a lack of gems, waiting for the mysterious "reset" It is time that I return to my mine, but pray, all of you, that one day my pick will reveal a big, sparkling diamond. Then we will know that our prayers will have been answered.

Article #17 Devil stew

Author: Tory

What is a good ingredient for a good Devil Stew? 1)Lucky with attributes. 2)Brawn over Brains is better in the long run 3)A lot of armour (chainmail or scalemail is good) 4)Doing a lot of quests helps too 5)Practice your Sting ability a lot 6)Pray that the weather is cloudy in the day time 7)Picking the rights guilds you like If you have the mix that has been mentioned above, just practice and practice and you will have a nice demon.

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