Section #19 Tips and Hints

Article #1 Ore!

Author: Xenph

As you all know Ore is found in the ground outside Sanom City. Some Ore has magical properties. And when mixed with other ores and a powerful gem, special rings and amulets can be produced. Some will boost your SP and some your HP, Strength or make the best armour. The only thing you need is two ores, a gem and a kiln. and 3000 coins.. So this is not for the starting newbie. But try it today!!

Article #2 To Drake or not to Drake

Author: Dyskilian

Drakes are one of the most dangerous things in the mud. When you come across one, I would almost always say RUN, however, I will tell the story of a day when I didn't run, I stayed and fought. It was near wu's palace, I had just walked right by it. It attacked, I matched it blow for blow, with the aid of a healer. I soon realized that I would need strategy, I ran. I got ready, ran in with freeze, and quickly ran out, the drake was good, but not good enough. Alisson didn't last long, I would probably have died, but I used my brain, and the drake, many times stronger then me, died. As trax once said "a newbie can kill a lord" it's all in the delivery, use tactics, strategy, instead of just rushing in blindly, and even you can take on a drake

Article #3 Siren's Scream

Author: Fiora

As you may or may not know, a Siren's (arguably) greatest power is her ability to Scream, thereby injuring everyone around her. The power of a scream increases with Song skill. Scream is very useful when taking on many enemies at once, or one that is more powerful than you are. At very high levels, one scream can kill almost anything. However, one must learn the proper use of this power to make full use of it. For example, screaming in Sanom City is highly discouraged, mainly because player characters and city guards can walk into the area after "you inhale". After inhalation, a Siren cannot move until the Scream is completed, and if a guard or player comes into the area, they are subjected to the attack and you will be bountied. Also, screaming too early at very powerful NPCs (and player characters, if you either have a death wish or are holding a VERY powerful grudge against someone), can cause little to no damage at all. This renders Scream useless, and it renders the Siren dead at the hands of the character she dared to Scream at. Screaming too often also has negative effects. After screaming, a Siren must wait for her throat to recuperate from the force of the sound leaving her body. Screaming over and over during this period will only exacerbate the throat situation and can lead to serious problems. This ends my short guide to the Siren's Scream power. *~Fiora Siren, Second Braid

Article #4 A Study in Sirens' Combatative Abilities

Author: Fiora

A Siren is a follower of the goddess Psyche; her greatest weapon is her voice. Psyche initially endows her children with only the basic Scream, but as the young Siren gains more skill, she may choose to learn the Blast and Powersong powers. This article will compare these three powers and their uses. Here we have the basic Scream. At the Fifth Braid, this power is... pathetic. The Scream is expelled from the throat perhaps 25% of the time, and once it does, nearly five seconds pass between inhalation and exhalation, giving enemies in the area a world of time to escape in. This long waiting period is rarely even worth it - a low-level Scream must be administered twice or even thrice to kill *rats* and *cats*. May the young Siren despair not, however. Scream becomes much faster and much more accurate as the Siren advances through the Guild of Psyche. Any Siren of the Third Braid should be able to dispatch a normal rodent with one Scream, no problems. The ultimate goal in using any of these powers is for the enemy's head to explode. Multiple Screams tend to be more powerful than one Blast, no matter how much SP is put into the Blast. Of course, the state of the Siren's throat is a contributor as well. But more than one Scream tends to crush heads earlier and make them explode faster, whereas Blast, even at higher levels, badly bruises or slightly crushes. For this reason the writer does not recommend the Blast power, but it does have one advantage: its speed. Blast can be executed almost instantly, at any level. It is most useful in Deathmatches, where your enemies will run from you as soon as they receive the message, " inhales." The Blast power eliminates the possibility of your enemies running from your power. The last of the three powers, Powersong, is open only to Sirens of the First Braid, as it is, as the Guild Book says, very dangerous. The Powersong costs 50SP, and its power is determined by the amount of time the Siren keeps it under her control. Be warned, however - keeping a Powersong under control is very risky business. If control should be lost, the Siren will experience some damage, and the worst effect a Powersong can bring is the imploding of the Siren's head, and, ultimately, death. Many creatures are also immune to the Powersong's effects, whereas Scream hits them soundly and effectively. For these reasons, the writer recommends Scream first and foremost, then Blast, and finally, Powersong. This concludes my comparison of the three Siren combat powers. -Fiora- Siren, First Braid

Article #5 Bugs Ahoy!

Author: Urzan

Greetings. If you are like me, you're a professional bug-hunter...okay, who am I kiddin'? I'm no pro. But hey, I do find a lot of bug (really it's just that I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time ;)...really). Did you know that reporting bugs can actually get you money? Sure, not as much money as the actual bug will a lot of times, but let's consider what happens when you don't report a bug as compared to when you do report a bug. Don't report: 1) Well, if you're caught, it's likely you'll recieve some sort of punishment, although it varies as to the bug. 2) Someone WILL find out eventually..remember...big brother is watching! HE'S WATCHING!! 3)'s not nice? Do report: 1) Some money...not much, but enough for food for a day or two. 2 )Your reputation goes up. The gods (apparently) will like you more. 3) You fell good inside...? Anyway, this artical is mainly a last ditch effort to get the remaining quest points I need to apply for citizenship. Later! --UrZaN--

Article #6 Small Places in Shattered World

Author: Morpi

We all know about the major towns around Shattered World, but many people (especially) newbies do not know about the smaller things around the world that can help or hurt you. First, the Groo Guards. Killing only 10 groos can lead to almost 500 coins if you make sure to take everything from the guards. Also, there is a Groo Prince which really dose not anything except a floating black orb. After you kill the first 2 groos get the key then search around to find the princes. She is behind a door some where. Also if you look closely, you will find a secrete passage the will lead you to some dwarfs. The cave can be found 2e, 2n, and 2e from east gate. Second, the beach. If you belong to a cult, this is a really good place to get some practice killing things and also a good place to build up that reserve. From the east gate, go all east until you hit a cde. Then you can go north a few times to find various crabs, seagulls, snakes, the sufer dude :), and maybe a lobster and a clam. All of these, except the snake (and sufer dude :) ), contain gems that you can pulverize. And the animals are not hard if you are somewhat experienced with killing things Last, places you should not go. Don't go try to be friendly with Dragor the friendly dragon Let me tell ya, he ain't that friendly. Also try not to run into the priest in the sewers :). Tips: Always type scan if you out exploring with your own character. This will show what living things are around you. Also 'look' in the direction you are going. e.g. look west. And if you are maybe a little less then 'Comfortably full', stop by a Take-a-way and stock up on some food. But my most important tip.If you are out exploring of long periods of time, log on as a guest char. That way if you die you won't loose anything! Wake sure to wield weapons so you don't get anything stolen, check HP frequently, Just remember these are only a few small places to explore you will surely find many more places!

Article #7 Savior of Souls.

Author: 0

Well it sure has been a while since i have put something in the paper. So here is some info on the new quest where our beloved Jenna . +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The quest itself involes selling you soul to Satan. Which in return for he make you healthier strong and smarter. But you soon relise that the cost for doing this is high because now for everydeath you incur it acts like two. So you must hunt down the Master of Souls in hope to reclaim your lost soul which you pray will return you to your normal self. Travelling through the different planes of hell you hack your way through mounds of denom spawn in sheer hope that you will find the small ones which are know to of fled from Satan. Gathering various items you manage somehow to pass into another realm within hell. Searching around blindedly you fall and surprisingly find hidden within the caverns the small one who offer to help you, for a price of corse. Now armed with the Slayer of Darkness and the word you seem to feel you may just have a chance up against what is to follow. You bid fairwell to your new friends and proced on you quest hopeing soon that your quest will end in vistory soon. Not knowing where your path goes you stumble and find yourself standing before a huge lake of fire. With no where else to go you fix the broken raft and set sail across the lake. All goes well for the first few leagues. The wind pushes you further and further acroos the lake but also stirs the waves up in all directions. Then suddenly a whirlpool errupts from no where and draws you raft closer and close. Your strugle to resist the turning waters but it is no use. WIthin secound you are thrusted below the surface. Holding onto your breath for sheer life you land smack bang in a under water cavern. Bewilder by the imense size you gather you thoughts and proced. Armed with your new knowledge of the word and the Crucifix of lighte you battle the hordes of demon spawn and find the Soul Master. You battle uselessly as his sheer size and strangth take effect on your mind. Then suddenly you swing a crippling blow to him and with finnal gasp of breath you grab your contract, ripping it into a thousand peices. You are free for now.. but the quest has taken its toll on you. You seem to fall into a grey mist and are surprise to see yourself reforming at the Endoplasmatorium and greet the healers as they start their mystic healing onto your tattered and beaten flesh. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Well that is basically what happens. Hope that brings more insight to what the quest consists of and happy qquesting everyone. Lena the Ed.

Article #8 To Shock, Or Not To Shock.

Author: Squig

Anybody who has used a human char, has undoubtably dicovered that a human has three powers, missile, shock, and firevball. Those wjho have versed human chars had experianced these powers as well. Looking at tehm, shock does 30 damage, for 20 spell points. Missile does 20 damage for 10 spell points. Both do a minimum of 1 damage to cast. When you work the ecomonics of the situation, missile is the one to cast. for 20 sp, shock can do 1-30 damage. For 20 sp, missile does 2-40. This makes sense, in an effort to do the most, with he least, to cast ,missile, instead of shock. Finally, fireball, only ecomonic to use if there are five otr more baddies in the room, but also good in a fix. So, remember these tips, and not only will you go futher, but you will also learn faster, as you can leave shock on neophyte.

Article #9 The Puzzle King's Realm

Author: Pharaik

The Realm of the puzzle king is not a dangerous place as such, but challenges most of your attributes, such as dexterity, intelligence, and wit. The first puzzle, is not known by many, but solved the Zarquon way, of killing the Guardian of the Gate instead of solving his riddle. Getting this item allows you access to the realm. The first puzzle is one of skill in dexterity, where you will find the magical Knight, which is easily knocked about by a clumsy character. Getting it into the right position is essential and most clumsy characters have a great deal of difficulty with this seeming simple task. The second task is one of intelligence, as if a character with a slow learning capability will undoubtedly forget where he or she is, and have to start again, only to forget again. This is exceeding challenging and many find it testing. Some characters are forced to abandon this task at this point, finding it impossible to complete. The third task, is the hardest so far. It is a judge of the character's problem solving skills. Many find that they have the intelligence to reach this point, but not the common sense to solve this challenging puzzle. This puzzle is one of trial and error, and one of the few you can reset if you make a mistake. Passing this, you enter the riddler. The riddler is the second last task for this quest. You must solve his riddle. This sounds easy enough, but wait till you hear the good ones he comes out with. Many a character has been forced to give up, slumped in disappointment at their lack of wit, and vocabulary. It could be a common thing to have the riddle shouted across the lands, so that all can hear and help, if they wanted to or could. Often this cry of distress is answered, most by helpful characters, which wish the adventurer well, but many others consider this a breach of secrecy, and feel that only he who can answer the riddle deserves the questing points. Answering the riddle unfolds a new puzzle. The hardest and last in the realm. Solve it, and you will be hailed the Puzzle Solver. Fail this, and you will turn about, and try to crack it again next time you are in the area. It is a puzzle that takes patience, sanity, and wisdom. Thinking carefully will get you through, and an unthoughtful move can lay the wrong path before you.

Article #10 The Virtue of Alts

Author: Drynwyn

The topic of alts (alternate characters) has often been bantered about on many MUDs, and it appears no sure, suit-all solution has been reached. Of course in life things are never that simple. Here, I shall attempt to brush on the topic of alts whether to have but one character or whether unrestricted access should be allowed, about alts that serve as mules and as explorers. A true and typical newbie will begin by making one character initially, to run around get a feel for the game, if s/he likes what s/he sees, then they play a bit more with this character, who is typically pretty standard. No guilds with tough entrances, no races with large vulnerabilities, etc. Later, they create a few alts. It is with theses alts that they experiment with new races and guilds. They obviously cannot change their first character's race and guilds they are usually reluctant to leave for the inability to rejoin immediately. With mains, it is risk free, because nothing of the character is invested. The player invests time, and maybe money, but loses thing from his main. Now we all know that our first character never stays with us all the way through, and usually powerdies eventually, or is abandoned for another character. With only one character, I believe many newbies will stick to one race for a long time, and one guild as well (a primary allegiance to one, and secondary to its allies). The down side to this is you end up with a bunch of the same characters, and many players not appreciating other races which they might find suited them better. On the up side, guilds that were sort of intended to be for the rare and powerful, will be that way, so rare guilds are not unbalanced. Another result that might become interesting (unless Imms fiddle with it), is that with only one character, guilds will shrink drastically. Many people dump their mules into xarus, and mules usually fall under the qp due exemption limit, so they are not paying dues but making alliances cost more (much to the annoyance of higher level main chars in the guild). With only one character, this eliminates mules and the alts who actually play, reducing guild size, and thus reducing alliance costs considerably. The theory Imms say that less alts and less mules would help the economy, so guilds might end up making more now from their businesses. This leaves up with lower alliance costs and a higher amount of money. Guilds have little reason to store money, so instead they will spend it on alliances, creating some huge network-like alliances.

Article #11 Mapping for Fun and Profit

Author: Stub

Shattered Worlds is twelve RL years old, which makes it a couple of gazillion years in mud time. It's ancient. This means that there's a lot of it and that its a complex and sprawling sort of place. A bit like an old mansion or castle that's had rooms, towers, and dungeons added to it over the centuries. And that's where mapping comes in. In practical terms you need to map so that you know where you're going. Its particularly helpful if you're going to the nearest medical facility and the words 'You are bleedin'' keep coming up on the screen. If the words 'You are *so* dead, dude' keep coming up on the screen it means you've got to return to your maggot-ridden corpse asap before somebody spots it and nicks all your weapons and armour. It also means that you're on the wrong MUD, as the Shattered Worlds mud lib doesn't ever call you dude. A further practical benefit is when you log on with the express intention of beating the crap out of a particular NPC, either to acquire its gear, for its own good, or just because you've had a bad day, and you can go straight to it without wandering around in circles for hours. it without wandering around in circles for hours. The process of mapping will also turn up places and people on Shattered Worlds that will come in handy at a later date. If you trip over an interesting NPC, record the spot and look where you're going in future. Manners cost nothing,y'know. The pleasure of mapping comes from looking at your increasingly complex chart, dotted with curiosities and notations, not to mention memories of facing and surmounting all the little quirks thrown at you by the coders. Just a small aside here, whoever the wizard was who designed that tower where you go up only to drop down into a lethal pit deserves to have his staff inserted into whatever orifice causes the most agony. Mapping may be done with plain old graph paper, or perhaps the automappper on a mud client such as Zmud. Small areas are perhaps initially done on graph paper and then transferred to the automapper via the keyboard entry facility. A word of warning about automappers. most have a very handy speedwalking facility, but make very sure that you start from the same point on the map as as where you are in the game. Speedwalking off the end of a jetty is a totally negative experience, especially if you hit the button and went to make a coffee. The same could be said for speedwalking into a room occuppied by an NPC with 'issues' about adventurers, as so many seem to have on Shattered Worlds. I'd suggest colour coding a given room in each town and using them a bit like train stations. So, map for fun and profit, and enjoy the small mysteries that you will find. Why, for instance, is a single vial (empty) sitting in the middle of nowhere? And what the Hell are eight, yes eight, Sanom street directories doing in the same place, that place being a trackless jungle? Record and move on, O fearless mapper, one day you may find out. Stub the Bewildered. e

Article #12 A Small Monograph on Rats

Author: Bolo

The first thing you notice about Shattered Worlds is that whoever is responsible for public health is either drunk, asleep, or as thick as two planks laid end to end. The place is *swarming* with rats! For Newbies this is a good thing, as they're pretty easy to kill (the rats, that is, not the Newbies. Then again ...) A word of caution here, not all rats are born equal. This small monograph is to prepare the Newbie who went for intelligence in a big way and rather lost out on the muscle option. Rattus Mudicus: The good old mud rat that we know and love (to slaughter). No real probs here except if you're unarmoured and you get bitten bad enough to bleed to death. Shouldn't be a problem in Sanom as the Silver Eel is never far away. Rattus Sewericus: A bit tougher than the mud rat, the sewer rat is found lurking in the labyrinth of sewers beneath Sanom. This is a Godsend to Newbies who have done they're time (about 1 day) in the palace dungeons and need somewhere to up their stats after being barred. Same caveat as above, invest in good armour. Rattus Sewericus Giganticus: This beastie is found deep below Merenth. Despite its name and a pretty intimidating description it really isn't that tough. It does lurk in an area where being weakened is not a good idea, however, because of the nearby presence of meaner monsters. Also it seems to come in packs of four and can be aggressive. Rattus Nominus: Sometimes you will come across rats with names. If you find yourself tripping over rodents with names like Hillary or Gregoire. I can't think of a single reason not to kick its furry little butt until its well and truly deceased. They don't seem any tougher than average, and since nobody has complained I don't think that they're pets like rocs or familiars. Hope not. Rattus Niger: The black rat. Again not a toughie, bur don't sell the corpse as its part of your first quest. If you kill it after that its worth a gem. You may need to 'search' around a bit to find little sucker. Rattus Rex: The King Rat. This boss rat lurks beneath Sanom and is, as his name sugests, a much heavier hitter than the average. If you're a Newbie just out to up your stats I'd suggest avoiding him. Then again, no guts, no glory. A brief word here to my fellow Soulstealers. Rats are an ideal first rung when trying to possess a higher intelligence, but there is still a slight problem for us. On two occasions my sleeping body was chomped by spontaneously aggressive rats, once quite severely, so be warned. One way around this is to possess a rat and quickly take it to a secure resting place for your body. Leave it there and reanimate, then join the rat. That way when you next possess it your body can rest peacefully without risking resting in peace. Bolo the Bewildered.

Article #13 secret of the magic square

Author: Naomi

O.k. first off i am submitting this article because If it wasnt for Whip i would have died trying to do the magic square quest. I am not going to tell you any secret on figuring out how to complete the quest, but i am going to tell you how to stay alive in that god-forsaken crypt. The trick is not to kill the puzzle vampire, but to lure him out of the crypt. I found this out my second time doing the quest. What you want to do is, set an alias like alias 1=kill vampire. Then you flee the room. The goal is for him to start following you. Once he starts following you, leave the crypt. When he follows you out, lose him anyway you can. Then go back in the crypt, close the door, and complete the quest in peace.

Article #14 Travelling the world

Author: Maya

There comes a time when one decides that perhaps, one city might just be too small for either them or their ego. When that time comes, it would only be natural to try to seek out new adventures in strange and foreign lands and there is by no means a shortage of them in this world! Heading west, there's the spiring tree-city of Merenth, home of the renowned Healers; shift to the east a bit, and you will run into Seaside Village, a favorite spot for Tritons, and others who may be of a more nautical persuasion. South from there is the Asylum, an interesting, if dangerous (and potentially fatal!) vacation resort. Therefore, there should be no reason for anyone in this great world to bemoan a lack of interesting events! When in doubt, go off and explore! Bon Voyage!

Article #15 Best of the Best: How to Get to the Top Fast

Author: Kep

The following is a list of money making tips by Mep. A popular way for semi-newbies is to kill monsters and sell their corpses in the butchers. Some corpses give lots of money, dont forget to type get all from corpse to get their items, if there is one, theyre always worth a lot more than corpses. (make sure you kill monsters that are as strong as you if not weaker, you dont want to die) One of the most popular newbie ways is to donate blood at the blood bank. A good place is Sanom City Blood Bank; it pays a lot (make sure youre at full health if you want more money). I should have put this at the top: Ask people for money. Lots of people in Shattered World are very friendly and have too much money. Who knows, you might be rich with the asking of a question. One of the other ways is the thing Im doing now: Work for the newspaper. The editor pays good money, and you can also complete a quest that way. Complete quests. Quests do lots of things, including raising your stats. Be careful though, if youre not sure ask someone for help. The charity shop sometimes have useful items that you can sell. Try to give items to it once youre at the top, though, cause otherwise it would always be empty and other people cant get items. And Finally: Gamble! Gamble! Gamble! You might lose all of your money, but you also might multiply your money by ten!

Article #16 Writing The Article Quest

Author: Yukiko

When I first saw the quest to write a newspaper article, I thought it would be the easiest., but in actuality, I found it the hardest out of the first 10. I skipped it until now. To say that finding the newspaper office is as easy as reading the map, would be a lie. I had to go into almost every room in order to find it. On the plus side, I learned my way around the city. Once I found the newspaper office, I became unable to think of a subject to write about. I thought of many topics such as "To Stand Amongst the Gods," but I didn't want to pi** off any of the Gods, so I threw that out, and once again I didn't get an article submitted. Many times I walked into the newspaper office intending to write an article, but everytime I started to write, I gave up in frustration. Now, however, I am going to submit this article. And that's the point, I just have to do it, just like anyone else. Have you ever noticed that the gem points for this this low level quest is worth more than the rest of the low level quests... that means that people don't often do it. But if I can do it so can anyone else. The best part about this quest is that it doesn't require you to be strong, therefore it should be one of the first quests you do. Not to mention that the editor is pretty cool.

Article #17 Circus

Author: Cyndane

Whilst the Chaotic Circus is a dangerous place, there are a couple of secret rewards to be found there. In the animal section, creatures called 'cute show dogs' can be found. If you kill them, you will find that they carry collars. These can be sacrificed like a gem, and grant 12sp each!

Article #18 Puzzles

Author: Kharleth

How to Solve a Magic Square Puzzle. A magic square is a 5x5 square, with each square numbered from 1 to 25. Correctly arranged, it should appear like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 The puzzle is randomised by removing the '25' and then sliding the other pieces around. Sliding a piece means swapping any piece adjacent to the empty square with the empty square. The puzzle is often attempted by people who, after realising how easy it is to correctly get numbers 1 through 5 into place, aim to continue solving the puzzle in numeric order. This is a wrong approach. The way to solve such a puzzle is to firstly make one row (say 1,2,3,4,5) correct, then make one column (1,6,11,16,21) correct without interfering with the top row. After doing this, the remaining puzzle is equivalent to a 4x4 magic square. Repeating this process gives a 3x3 puzzle (the rest all correct). To solve a 3x3 magic square, firstly solve one row (as always, one row not including the 25, in case you hadn't figured this out yet...). This is relatively easy. You now have a 2x3 magic square, and this is the harder part. Assuming that the 2x3 section you have to solve includes the numbers 18,19,20,23,24, (the most likely combination), you need to get 18 and 23 in place next. Once this is complete, you are almost done. - CENSORED - Editor's Note: Given that this article already assists players in completing nearly all of this puzzle, censorship has been applied to ensure that some work is involved in achieving the quest.

Article #19 Beware of the Trolls

Author: Malfoy

This is a warning from Malfoy, evillest of evil, the thief of thieves, the err... Arachean of Aracheans. I was walking to another city one day when I stumbled upon a troll. I paused for a second, and that was all it took. It bashed me up and I was dead in seconds. Be careful, as you may lose everything that you have worked for. I recommend you deposit all of your money in a bank before you leave on journeys out of the city. Malfoy

Article #20 psyche

Author: Melowone

Here is a great tip for newbies if they are in psyche. Learn soulstab as soon as possible!...why?...well the best part about it all is that you can kill creatures that you wouldnt normaly be able to kill plus you wont get hurt and then die. This means you can make a lot, and i mean a lot of money if you plunge your soulblade in the right creatures. How do i do this without getting hurt?...hmmm - Good question....not!.... It's easy! All you have to do is look at the decription while perfoming soulstab, and as the words "you plunge your soulblade..." are seen, make like a tree and leave. Go back to the site in a few minutes and that big strong creature would have left about half a tone of blood on the ground and a dead corpse. Easy huh?....why not give it a try? happy hunting Melowone, (The one who runs, comes back to fight another day)

Article #21 Finding That Perfect Weapon

Author: Sokia

We all face that all important decision of weaponry. And there are many important aspects to consider when making this choice. There is the cost. How much are you willing to pay for your killing device, and also how much you want to pay to repair it if it ever breaks. Then there is how much damage the weapon will cause. You could have a knife that is very cheap and common and doesn'd do severe damage but is light. Or there is a great axe which can kill kobolds and orcs on the spot. There are also minute details one must think of while considering a possible weapon. How heavy is it? Will I be able to get a good deal if I ever want to sell it? Does it have distance attacks? All of this information should be carefully pondered before making a decision. When asked for some suggestions on the issue, players responded with good reviews on bloodstained great axes, and swords, and one of our favorite immortals says: "whips are the only way to go." There are several different weapons that are available, everything from rusty kantanas to quarterstaffs. Some of the most damaging are the obsidian falchion (3,500-5,000 coins) and the bloodstained great axe (8,500-15,000). Do not assume, however, that if it's expensive it is good, because a black shortsword for example, may cost you 40,000 coins and does less damage than a falchion which is significantly cheaper. There are weaponers scattered all through shattered world, Englewood is a good place to buy weapons because their shops are almost always stocked and open. But there are good shops right here in Sanom City. I wish you luck in finding that perfect weapon.

Article #22 submit Tips for Roc Training

Author: Ceradon

If you are a fellow roc-rider, you know the excitement of having a new baby roc crawl up to you, and the exhileration of soaring high Shattered World, and of course the frusteration of training your bird. Here are a few tips for you newbies to the guild: go to a cliff drop area and have your roc fly until he can fly forwards and wnow that that he is in the air, you can fly him around for a minute or two. Next, ride the beast everywhere. The constant commands will raise your roc-bond skill, thus, allowing you to advance more rapidly giving you a stronger healthier roc. And finally, when they are small, don't carry too much weight...a level one roc trying to learn how to fly with a draconian carrying a bloodstained great axe isn't going to do as well as one who bears nothing but a little galandrian. Good luck with your roc!**

Article #23 Friendly "Oldies"

Author: Jacy

As a newbie, or "noob" as I have recently been called, I, like so many others, have been at the mercy of the older, more experienced characters. My pitiful situation could have so easily been a miserable one, but was made to be quite smoothe, enjoyable, really because of the kindness I was shown. I was never afraid to ask questions (lame as they were) and was always treated fairly and even spoiled a bit as I darted around Sanom without any direction. Everywhere I went I was greeted by a smile or a wave and even respectful bows. So my advice to fellow newbies: don't be afraid of the 'oldies,' though intimidating as they are, they like us little newbies and will love to answer any questions, silly as it may seem. There's a newbie yell for a reason!

Article #24 Beware Shady!

Author: Subrock

I give you all few words of warning: Beware of Shady Human! I wasn't aware of his skills before I entered Charity shop when searching for an axe. While I was reading help HE entered the shop and stole something - about 550 coins from my purse, which was almost all I had. When I noticed this I got angry, which was my biggest mistake. I, blinded by my wrath, attacked Shady human and after one fierce fight I got killed. I hade my place by my body flying as a ghost seeing how he stole the rest of the remaining stuff I had. So, then I travelled to that Endoplasmatorium and got myself a new body. I stepped out back to the street and walked to the market area trying to think what to do and my goal was to find some weapon from charity shop. Well, that evil creature was walking on the street slashing with my longsword and somehow we got into a fight and he killed me again now with my own sword while I was naked and bare-handed. Now I have got one goal more in my life in the world of Shattered, Revenge. I at least learned few things 1) There is no safe place in the world of Shattered 2) Always keep hold of your purse(find our find out about deposits) 3) beware of Shady human!! But now I know that one day when my skills have grown and I wield good weapon, then it is his time to beware Subrock!

Article #25 Looking ahead (newbie tip)

Author: Silas

Greetings... over the past few days I've visited many new places and fought many creatures that I'd never expected to see, let alone face in combat. I've even died a time or four, but thankfully it wasn't permanent. Through my experiences, I've learned a valuable lesson that I wished to pass on to everyone else in my shoes (those of the complete and utter newbie): LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! There are a few ways to accomplish this: 1) Use the 'scan' command to see what enemies await just around the corner. 2) Use 'look ' to see specifically what lies ahead. 3) When you enter a room with an unknown monster, consider that monster quickly, then run back where you came from. It may seem cowardly, but it'll save you a lot of grief in the long run. I hope that my advice saves you from that unnecessary death. Especially keep it in mind when exploring a new area.

Article #26 Tips for NeWbIeS!

Author: Kadin

Author: kadin Submitted: Aug 31, 2004 Subject: Tips for NeWbIeS! Body: Many people who are new to here are quite confused. Therefore, i have decided to write a short guide to how to get aheard in this mud. This guide is not only for others, but I use this procedure too! Tip 1: Donate blood to the blood bank whenever possible. The bloodbank usually rewards 400-600 coins for a donation of someone who has full health, the amount you get, depending on of course how old you are and what race you are. Whenever you get a chance donate blood. I recommend the Black Syringe - it usually has the best prices. Tip 2: Kill things. As well as some monsters/people might carry equipment and/or money that you can sell/keep you can also sell their corpses at the good old butchers. Tip 3: Always search the local charity. The charities often have useful items that you can use. But remember, once you're sucessful you should give things to the charity. Tip 4: Join a clan. Clans offer benifits such as being able to withdraw spellpoints from the reserve, and to pulverise gems to give to the reserve. Clans also offer several other benefits, and some clans offer benefits that others don't. Join one to find out! Tip 5: Complete Quests. I should have put this at the start. By completing quests you get stronger and you get quest points. The only way to get ahead in this game is to complete quests. Tip 6: Join a guild. I should have put THIS at the start too. Guilds offer skills that you can use, and not only for battle. I will list the guilds and their benefits below: Roc Riders: You can get a roc, a huge bird that can do things for you and carry you to places. Soulstealers: Allows you to control other things: eg. a cats, orcs, eventually even dragons. You can also steal creatures' spell points. Illusionists: Allows you to create "real illusions" such as a knife. Demon Summoners: Allows you to summon demons to obey your commands. Berserkers: Allows you to turn into different beasts. Mages: Allows you to use spells. Knights: A male human only guild that gives you fighting skills and protection. Healers: Allows you to heal yourself and others. Necromancers: Allows you to do things to the dead. Sirens: A female only guild; allows them to blow other people's heads up with their scream. Other guilds that I may have missed out: forgive me if I forgot you. Each guild has their goods and bads and you can join more than one as long as they're allied. But they all have a yearly fee, depending on the guild. More tips might be coming soon. look out for them. - Kadin

Article #27 Magic Tips!

Author: Kadin

The following are tips for magic: Tip 1: To be able to regenerate spellpoints, you must join either the mage guild or the healers guild. (ed - there are other guilds with sp regeneration as well) Tip 2: The higher your intelligence, the better your magic will probably be. Tip 3: Magic can give you an edge in battle, if you know how to use it. Tip 4: Join a clan to be able to deposit and withdraw spellpoints from the clan's reserve. Tip 5: Always know what the spell does before you cast it. - Kadin

Article #28 Battle Tips

Author: Kadin

The following are tips in battle: Tip 1: In order to be able to battle well, being in a guild is almost essential to win against the harder fights. Tip 2: Magic can give you an edge in battle, but beware: joining magic guilds may drain your strength. Tip 3: Skills are essential to win a battle. Tip 4: Racial Skills may not usually be as good as guild skills, but they do not require a fee of thousands of gold every moonphase to keep, they are with you forever. Tip 5: Always ask around about a creature before you attack. Tip 6: It is better not to fight at all unless you absolutely have to - why risk your life? - Kadin

Article #29 Submitting a Newspaper Article

Author: Kadin

To get a Newspaper Article through, it requires quality information, not something you just made up, and thorough planning. If you submit a quality article, the Editor-in-Chief will pay you. Also there's a quest that you have to sucessfully submit an article, meaning you kill two birds with one stone. I suggest you read through the articles and find something that hasn't been submitted before you submit an article. The more unique the article, the more likely it will be in the newspaper and the more likely you will get paid. Keep in mind these things i have told you, future article professionals! And... OBEY THE LAW! - Kadin ED - remember also that the more in character an article is, the more likely it will be published - there are at least 10 articles every edition that don't make it because they are of the format "here are some tips for newbies", and they always give the same tips. Take note of the sort of articles whose authors get paid the most.

Article #30 Getting the Most out of your Shattered World Experiance

Author: Yunalesca

To get the most out of your experiance in shattered world you must believe it is the real world. Sometimes your name can effect your experiance. Try to imagine what your name means and try to act like what you think it means. Same with the race. Also, make lots of friends. Read the newspaper regularly, as most articles are useful. Roleplaying is vital to have the most fun in ANY mud. Roleplaying means you must use your full imagination and play your role as a character. I'll leave you with this information and I hope you have a good playing experience.

Article #31 Mining for ores

Author: Mutaki

Some handy hints for when you are mining for ores 1) Even tho the ore has a cool name, doesnt mean its good, also vice versa. 2) You can fire 4 ores in a kiln to make a single ore, usually makes iron 3) Arioch members need certain ores to summon demons, sus these out 5) There are some ores out there used for specific purpose, try find them and sell them 6) Post on advertisers board, advertising the ores that you find or, that people are after 7) Make rings and amulets, test what ores do, and sell the info - This can be done though blood banks and armourer's. 8) Golden shovel is good for mining if you can find it. UI. Hope you find these hints handy!

Article #32 newbies

Author: Drewl

There are 3 ways to earn fast gold in this city! 1) Go to the newbie sewers north of sanom city, there are many things like rats and goblins to kill, and the goblins, orcs etc drop daggers sometimes that sell for about 300 gold. 2) Donate blood! draconians dont get too much gold from this, but rarer types like archons and tritons get quite a load from this. I myself get 1,000 coins from a donation (archons rule ^_^ ). There are several bloodbanks around, but I have found the best to be the one in southeast Sanom. 3) Go to the ruined city east of sanom. It is the second question mark on the minimap after you leave sanom to the East. Inside there are lots of little kobolds, that almost ALWAYS carry an item that sells for quite a load of money. If you are in a cult, you can pulverise the gems that they often carry; I found a gem that got me 113 sp ^_^. Thats all i have for now, so go get rich!

Article #33 The Arch enemy of a Newbie!

Author: Valkyr

When a new player begins his adventure in Shattered World, naturally he doesn't know much. Goblins kill him, dogs kill him even rats would kill him but later as he progresses he would soon find out that his character isn't really right for what he has decided to become (Mage, Knight, Siren...) so again he creates a new character. It is here where even a Drake or Kraken can be as hard as... FINDING A NAME! He might be able to gas Dragor to death or scream 10 trolls' heads off but it is nothing compared to the agonising process of finding a name he likes to suite the race, especially now with the 5 minute delay process implemented... To all the new players out there read all the books, watch all movies and play all the games until you find yourself, only then will your soul be at rest...

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