Section #18 Obitiuaries

Article #1 Loss

Author: Crovax

The Shattered World has recently loss two great players. One to the realm of wizdom and the other to the great beyond. Some weeks ago the ex-soulstealer guild leader Selena went mad and took her own life. Sources close to the javenite said she had been acting odd lately but none of them suspected it was this serious. On a lighter note, The King trax ascended to wizdom. Now the influence of his benevolence will be even more widespread. Wrack has succeded Trax to the throne, but how long will he be able to keep the throne before coldrock takes it? No one knows for sure.

Article #2 Farewell

Author: Rejuvicate

Today is a sad day as the one stong Demolition has been killed on a quest. You may remember his article on little Jane with was printed just recently. Rumor has it that he has taken up the new Character Rejuvicate and is beginning his quest for glory anew. Purhapes someone will tell us whether this rumor is true or just idle talk.

Article #3 Farewell Rejuvicate!

Author: Sledge

A long time member Rejuvicate, is about to pass away. A rumor has it that he is training an apprentice to take his place when he dies. Whether this rumour is trough or not, no one knows. Some say there is no Apprentice and that Rejuvicate is just going to die. Others say that he has an Apprentice ad they have spoted him with his apprentice, but none of them will say who the Apprentice is so we wonder if they are telling the truth or just lies. One thing is certain, and that is that Rejuvicate is going to die soon.

Article #4 A loss to SW

Author: Tigo

Today there was a great loss to Shattered World as the adventurer, citizen, former guild leader, former news paper editor, and future constable Flo passed on. She fought bravely a troll that had seemed to be coded as hard as a dragon. It seems that she was not quick enough for the invading troll that was scaring off newbies within the city limits. Fighting for what she believed in, and her life force minimal, she was struck down. We will never forget... In loving memory of Flo.

Article #5 Death

Author: Eppi

Bhaal has finally gone to his Lord Arioch, he just didn't have the strength to defeat a displacer beast, let there be no mourning of his passing. Atleast there is no sun where he is going.

Article #6 obituary

Author: Charlemagne

Sorrowful News Rocks Sanom City Two recently created newbies, Mitchell and Divinegon, have both mysteriously vanished from the realm of Shattered World. They both weren't even more than 15 hours old. While the cause of their unfortunate "permanent deaths" is unknown, I, being the only interested enough to investigate this case, decided to search around. I discovered that several hundred trolls, orcs, goblins, and minotaurs have been roaming the countryside, pillaging and ravaging all civilized fortresses. It is apparent that these brave persons attempted to save these towns, but the odds where against them. Again and again the trolls and orcs, and goblins would brutally slaughter them, skinning their corpse and chopping all limbs from the corpse. The body parts they left strewn throughout the hills and forests of Shattered World, fortunately I was able to find them before the maggots consumed these prime pieces of evidence. I'm afraid there will be many more deaths unless a lord or some other powerful person kills all of those evil monsters.

Article #7 Another one bites the dust

Author: Damned

Germkel, warrior of Zarquon's cause and annoyer of gods, has kicked the bucket. He was destroyed, ironically enough, by the force he respected the least - magic. Johanna's magic to be precise. Her curse annihilated him, sending him to the maniac god of which he was so fond. Rest in peace.

Article #8 2 Unfortunante Demisises

Author: Malifiscious

Unfortunantly there have been two recent deaths in the shattered world: Midget and Guybrush. Midget was a poor fellow who just wanted to have fun, he enjoyed his life as an arachean, which came usefull for sokia. But he committed suicide when he realised he had 10 000 gp for guild fees. Unfortunantly he couldn't get that much in 2 weeks. Guybrush had the same problem, with the Roc riding guild. The bad thing about Guybrush before he died is the fact that he went mad, thinking how lonely his roc would be before he died. So he made Saben commit suicie first. After the realisation of what he had done he couldn't live with himself anyways. So there you have it, two people dead. BECAUSE OF FEES !!!! PLEASE lower fees or more may die.

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