Section #16 Fun and Games

Article #1 Puzzle for the young and young at heart

Author: Khallid

Try and find all the following words (they can be horizontal, vertical backwards or even diagonal!): Sword Dragon Troll Wizard Axe Treasure Fame King Glory Lord Criminal Law War Cult Home Guild Leader Love Maze Bounty Poor Quest Skill Life ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + qodtualkvnldfpqngasmnbpzoiajghoyqednmnvi + + oiargqnvzaoyqaerlnaeovaudfmagpoaxutrktdf + + iaglolkrnoiasdjnaagfyuqptouadslalnmzprad + + jfkytloihanmvzmkdsaigoqjaoqrpasatabcgoao + + qiurbzmlizsdapaeghalmnzdlkjioadiuqoitlru + + bbnzkiadfhawowaltiooetabredaeljlafdsblkj + + oqiyroqrtjhasdohaskdrzcvlahasdlfhalksduh + + oqycrtpqtioperusaertadfzkagfhdoiayuwiasc + + akjshrdjkhomyyihkbviwppioupouopikpoikjlh + + poiuhloiabakemthfhjutodpoiuanftwesbzcval + + gftwyadoxfzcvlonqpqyerrlvazbksfgaloaqkja + + dfhaekjhpoqyetrpuoieweoipoqweerpoiqrwepr + + qopyzthdsjaukjhcvojhdowsuyfuoaiuydfdoiio + + akjhafkljhqworehqobweusopiqweurokingwope + + qioumyrjkghijhgiuoyausigoppquwiqwerqwerq + ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Remember have fun and don't get fustrated!

Article #2 Top 10 ways to know you have beenplaying too much shattered world. Homour

Author: Cloakwarrior

Here are the top 10 ways to know you have been playing too much shattered world: 10: In a chat room, you are constanly typing "say: Hello!" 9:The title of your essay at school: "How to avoid the sun as an Archon." 8:You get in trouble with the law for underage drinking. When asked why you did it, you reply "My HP was running really low!" 7: You submit an artical to the Sanom City Times; in real life! 6:The kids at school now avoid you because you wield a bastardsword. 5:You're always contemplating Go problems. 4:You claim that you are already in an after school activity: the Mages guild! 3:The last time you got in a fight, you kept pointing you finger at your O (typo: please edit) and saying:"ODBurn! BURN! I'm casting a burn spell! Mwahahahhaha! 2:You have lost 20 pounds since you started playing this MUD because you can't peel yourself off the computer long enough to eat! And finally, 1: When asked where the general store is by a stranger, you reply: "5 east and 2 north of Coldrock Promenade OD."

Article #3 Ask Bendre

Author: Bendre

Hello folks! It's time for Ask Bendre, your advice expert. Today we took questions from folks in town. Let's help some people! Johanna writes: Dear Bendre, I have some wood, people keep chopping it over and over and over, but then I look at it, and it's back to raw wood! What do I do? I'm almost out of my unlimited supply of torches! Dear Johanna: I just don't know what to tell you, girl. I think maybe you chopped down some sort of quickly regenerating plant monster. I chopped that wood pile through 20 hamburgers worth of exhaustion, and let me tell you, that stuff is tough! Don't you also sell flowers? Push those! I'm sure they're... usefull... Whatever. I don't know every thing. Sell food or soemthing. Cripes! Back off. A rat writes: Eek! Eek! Squeeeeeeeek! Dear Rat: Eek! Squeeeeeek, eek, eek, squeek. And THAT'S what she means by that. Good luck. A city guard writes: Hi Bendre! Don't break the law! Dear Guard: Will you guys back off? I havn't done a danged thing, and it's all Bendre don't this, and Bendre stop that. I was high that ONCE and it was Gala racial weed, I didn't even traffic! Jeez. Back off, you goody goody. Well, that's it for this installment. Good living all!

Article #4 The Euphoria I Get From Mudding

Author: Ottoman

Mudding. Mudding. Mudding... I dearly love to say the word. Is there any finer pastime than mudding? It is that which makes my leg hairs scintilliate with joy. I wake up in the morning with nothing i would rather do than leap out of my nest and dash out into the misty morn. I savor every moment- the anticipation, the pursuit, and the wonderful instant where I *schlorp* into the thick, gooey, joy-saturated brown mass of heavenly MUD!!! Some may condemn me for my dirty little hobby. I may be scorned, but if only they could experience the wonderful joy of smearing decaying plant matter upon one's exoskeleton! Oh... golly. Good stuff. I am not selfish. I want to share this "filthy" ambrosia with all of you. This is a call to arms (and legs, and fins, etc.) in the war against clean. Mudding is the way! Jump in it. Roll in it. Soon you will find yourself a happier, healthier, and stress-free individual. Not only that, but you will make new friends in the mud. Fine connoisseurs of muds that will guide you to the grandest puddles and holes. Popular, beautiful, and rich in the ways of mud- what more could you ask for? Nothing, that's what. As for me, i am happy enough just to know that the mud is always there for me, for *glomph*ing and *schliglorph*ing and *bloop*ing all day long. Simple spider, simple pleasures.

Article #5 Fine Dinning

Author: Ithlir

Today's arcticle on Fine Dinning will show even the poorest of adventurer how to dine with style and enjoy the best of life! So, to start off, we begin with Curly Fries... This special dish has absolutely delicious, and quite affordable to make... all one need is to hunt down those pesky rats that haunts the street of Sanom and pull off their tails... Then, with a cask of oil deep fry them. YUUUUUUMMMMMMmmmmm... I suggest hoisen sauce to go with it, but it is not absolutely necessary to have... one could make do with a little salt and pepper... (sand is good enough if u have neither) Well, that is all for month's Fine Dinning. Stay tuned... next month will be Flaming Hot Dogs...

Article #6 The Other Side

Author: Ardea

Questions and Answers From Beyond Some people are amazing adventurers, and they share what they know about combat and such things. Well, if there's one thing I have plenty experience with, it's being dead. II've spent six long years body-less, and I've created this column to share what I've learned with all of you. Without further ado, on to the letters. Dear Ardea, What was your most embarrassing death? --L., Merenth Dear L, That's a difficult one to decide. There was the time I was gobbled up by a guardian devil in my own home...but I'd have to say that my most embarrassing demise came by way of rabid squirrels outside of the Pixie Village. Dear Ardea, What are the best and the worst things about being deceased? --Curious in Deall Dear Curious, Well, the worst thing is the inability to communicate. If you try to shout, you're unable to be heard at all. If you try to speak, all you can produce is a faint whisper. And, unfortunately, your debts are still very much alive. The best thing, however, is the freedom. Mind you I am NOT advocating suicide; life is far preferable to death, but death surely has its good points. I especially liked being able to explore places that otherwise would have been impossible (for example, beneath the sea, or places where truly nasty critters reside). I committed my discoveries to my mental notebook, so that when I was alive again I knew exactly where to go. Dear Ardea, Would you like to buy a rose? --Johanna, Sanom City Dear Johanna, No thank you. CONFIDENTIAL TO MERENTH: Your grandmother does indeed love you and is watching over you. She doesn't like your boyfriend however. CONFIDENTIAL TO SEASIDE: Behind the bureau. CONFIDENTIAL TO GALWIND: Well you should have known better than that, dumb-ass. I'll see you on the other side, Ardea Brightfoot

Article #7 joke

Author: Qwopop

An Archon, A Mephit and a Triton stumble across a genie in a lamp as they cross the desert. They rub the lamp and get a wish each. The Archon wishes for a scones and tea to see him through the journey. The Mephit wishes for whiskey to see him through the journey. The Triton wishes for a car door. "Why a car door" the Archon and Mephit inquire. "Because if I get hot out here in the desert I just wind the window down to get a nice breeze".

Article #8 Groping

Author: Ragons

Groping seems to be a common past time among the younger generation of Sanom City. It seems that when two or more people are in the same room, one will start groping another. It is at this time that when one might see a suggestive wink, and if a soulstealer happens to be in the room, then it's all over and you better get your children from the room. I for one love to be groped, and more importantly I love to grope. The only thing that can ruin a good groping session is if someone lets off a real rip roarer. And let me tell you some of these races really let rip. But as long as everyone can keep their gases to themselves a groping session can be lots of fun and can help newer players bond more closely.

Article #9 MUD

Author: Dennis

What does MUD stand for? to make MUD, just get some dirt and water and mix them together.

Article #10 Joke

Author: Erwos

Author: erwos Submitted: Jun 16, 2004 Subject: Joke Body: A Grmkel walks into a butcher shop and asks, 'how much for a pound of human brains?' to which the butcher responded '500 gold coins'. The Grmkel then noticed a sign stating, "One pound of draconian brains for 2000 gold coins!" The Grmkel was quite confused and asked the butcher why draconian brain was so much more expensive. The butcher then responded, "Do you have any idea how many draconians it takes to get an entire pound?"

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