Section #14 History

Article #1 article

Author: Jubie

The real history of Memphits One day a demon summoner was experimenting with summoning spells middlessly. After a while he was getting tired so he fell to sleep on the table with the spells. DUring the time that he was asleep a thieve came in and was tring to find anything valuable when he found some chemicals in a box on the top oof a shelf.. The thiefe started climbing up the shelf. When he got to the box the self started to fall. The chemicals landed on the table where the demon summoner was sleep When the chemicals landed their bottles shattered and started to burn the spells staring a chemical reaction which summoned a mutated demon appear. The demon then saw some chemicals on the table so he tried to drink them. But the demon BEing mutated exploded and splattered all over the summoner. The explosion of the demon turned the summoner into a freaky little demon that could enchant weapons. The theife had been trying to hide but the summoner demon spotted him so he ate the theife. After that thedemon was trying to summon other demons that were the same as it and succeded. There is the REAL history of memphits.

Article #2 A history about Draconians

Author: Bilbo

The Draconians were created in the Second Founding from the geneseed of the Salamanders. They were given the world Draconus as their recruiting world, and to build their chapter fortress upon. From this world they take their name, and they recruit the hardened individuals who work the Great Forges of the world, and who have adapted to the great heat and dangers of a world that is covered with volcanic activity. The Legion has fought continuisly since its Founding in the service of the Imperium and to defend Mankind against the incursions of Chaos, the Ork Hordes, and the ravenous Tyranids. They have been called upon on many occasions to respond to Tyranid invasions due to their special affinity for fire and its effectiveness against the Tyranids. They have developed special tactics to take advantage of their preferred weapons, and the Techmarines have developed unique weapons and vehicles that use the eternal flames of Draconus. For the thousands of years since the end of the Horus Heresy the Draconians have continued to faithfully serve the Emperor, and even during times of isolation from Earth, the Legion's loyalty and faith has never wavered. The history and lore of the Legion is filled with the heroic deeds of individuals and units as a whole in their service in the continuing struggles against the enemies of Mankind.

Article #3 A brief Historical Tour of Sanom City

Author: Arbuthnut

The history of this fair city is long and filled with strife and conflict. It is a history of gods and kings, and the valiant acts of ordinary men and women. Of course, such a past must leave its mark on a place. The scars of a city are its ancient buildings and its monuments, and Sanom City has no shortage of these. In this article, I will endeavour to tell you the locations and perhaps something of the history of a few of the more interesting ones. 1) The Common Market's drinking fountain This beautiful piece of stonework, located in the central market square, was donated to the city by Lord Dodinas, as a prime example of the tradition whereby powerful people attempt to gain a measure of immortality by sticking a huge lump of marble in a public place where people will inevitably see and probably trip over it. 2)King Trax's Obelisk Another shining example of the megalomania that occasionally possesses the influential is this gargantuan chunk of sandstone that dwarfs the Palace Road. Road. Carved with a sycophantic inscription to the glory of the former monarch, if this momument was intended to make Trax live on in memory, it has succeeded. Another legacy of this egocentric King is the opulent mansion off Palace Road. 3)Church of Rossicrucis A truly beautiful piece of architecture. The church, dedicated to a creator god called Rossicrucis, lies south of the courtyard of the Mages Guild, but truly exceeds the church of Xarus in sheer style. A description here would fail to do it justice, it truly must be seen to be believed. Or maybe I was just a little drunk when I went there. The church seems to date back to the early days of the city, but is still inhabited by Rossicrucian priests. 4)Palace Road Cemetary So far in my meanderings, the Cemetary appears to be among the oldest architecture in the city. Although it is not much to look at, written on its cold arches are the traditions of some ancient cult which calls itself the Blood. That's all the history I have for today, my fingers are aching from writing this all down. I hope I've enlightened you a little to the many reflections of the past that lie around us. Keep on exploring, and keep your eyes and mind open.

Article #4 History of the Samurai

Author: Koplow

A history of the Samurai must begin with the most important aspect of a Samurai: Bushido. Knowing about Bushido is how one knows the Samurai warrior. "Bushi" is translated as "Warrior" and "do" is translated as "the way". Thus Bushido means "the Samurai way of life". Bushido consisted of a rigid code of ethics that was to be followed devoutly with bravery, honor and loyalty as the most important aspects . The most revered Bushido tenet was "freedom from fear". A Samurai was to live every moment with no fear of death, thus giving them the freedom to follow the Bushido code without hesitation and without fail. This philosophy was to be held sacred, even if o ne had to sacrifice one's life to pursue these ideals. The elite Samurai warrior trained for many years in the art "Bujutsu". The Samurai were experts in a wide variety of combat skills including ground fighting, fighting unarmed, fighting with arms and fighting from horseback. Early Samurai used bow and arro ws and swords. Later Samurai used swords, spears and naginata (halberds). Samurai often named their swords, in a dedication of devotion. They believed that their warrior spirit was contained within their swords. They dedicated their lives to the combat arts of Bujutsu. The Samurai wore two swords, a wakizashi and a katana. Their swords were made by master swordsmiths and quality tested on the corpses of criminals. The Samurai culture rose from the ongoing wars over land among the Minamoto, Fujiwara and Taira clans. Though the Samurai originated from regional groups of ancient warriors, they quickly lost their provincial ways. They developed a unique, sophisticated culture that was renowned for stoicism, honor and military expertise during the Kamakura period (1192-1333). During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), Samurai culture created the idea of artist-warrior. Samurai training began to include the ritualized tea ceremony and flower arranging to add refinement and balance to the warrior persona. The code of Bushido became formalized. The Samurai were considered the aristocratic warrior class of Japan. The peak of the Samurai era was in 12th century Japan where they enjoyed the benefits of belonging to a unique, privileged class. The Samurai were able to wear their swords freely and had the right to kill any peasant who offended them. The downfall of the Samurai began during the Edo period (1603-1867). Two hundred and fifty years of peace had made the Samurai archaic: they were allowed to wear their swords, but had to accept non-warrior jobs to survive. The booming economy during this time of peace further excluded the ascetic principles of the Samurai, as most Japanese citizens were enjoying the new luxuries that accompany economic prosperity. The gradual decline of the Samurai continued until the last Shogun resigned during the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Dissatisfied Samurai had led the revolt against the shogun, but the new government abolished feudalism and betrayed the Samurai by stripping them of all their privileges in 1871. Thus ended the era of the Samurai. The history and philosophy of the Samurai lives on in the form of the Samurai sword, which has become a much sought after symbol of this historic and heroic bygone era.

Article #5 Knights

Author: Defel

And behold, there was one among them named Kheradruakh - He Who Hunts Heads - the decapitator. A thousand skulls lined his lar; a thousand lives ended swiftly on his blades. Noine were safe from the decapitator who moved through the shadows like a breeze through the air. No guard could mark his passing. No shield could ward his blows. None could stop him from seeking his prize. How could one name the price of certain death for any foe? I cannot say, but rumour tells of a hundred times a thousand given over in sacrfice, bartered for the death of a single enemy.

Article #6 The Origin of Dodinas

Author: Mint

I would first like to post that this article as nothing to do with the recent arguments that have been taking place about Dodinas's actions and such. As I was reading through my version of The Return of the King written by the great J.R.R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, I came across the family tree of the Brandybuck of Buckland. As I was reading across the names I came cross "Dodinas." Dodinas was one of 7 children born to Gorhadoc Broadbelt and Mirabella Took. Some of his siblings included Rorimac 'Goldfather' who was the grandfather of Meriadoc 'the Magnificant,' and also Primula who was Frodo Baggins's mother. Well anyway, Dodinas never got married, and never had children. I do not know his age as it is not stated in the tree, but surely he lived to be around the age of 100. This is just a little reporting on the family history of the *great* Duke Dodinas which we have come to *love*, And I would be wondering if he new all this information about himself. And if anyone doubts any of my reporting, the evidence can be found in Appendix C of The Return of the King.

Article #7 Dreams of a former existance

Author: Patrick

Greetings fellow citizens of this Shattered World. Let me tell you about something I have discovered. It is a discovery concerning myself so I hope you will forgive my audacity for submitting it to the newspaper but I wanted to tell the story. The story of my life before Shattered World. Like all of you I appeared in this world fully grown, an adult as vulnerable as a newborn in this hostile world. It never occured to me that prior to this birth I could have existed elsewhere. But I have. I remember most of it now. For weeks now I have been plagued by life-like dreams in my sleep. A sleep only disturbed by my inner demons. At first I thought nothing of these dreams. I dismissed them as nightmares. The more dreams I dreamt however, the more they seemed to be related. Off course I was puzzled. What could they mean? It wasnt untill a few days ago that it came to my realisation that the dreams were memories. Memories I suppressed for a very long time. Now I finally know who I am and who I was. I shall tell you the story of my life before this world. I existed on a different world, perhaps in a different dimension altogether. This world, Telath it is called, has three suns and therefore a peculiar set of seasons. On that world there was an empire. The Allerian empire it was called and it was in that empire that I existed. Like here I was at first someone of humble beginnings. I lived a carefree life and worked hard. Soon however I was striken with wanderlust and with my friends I set out to see more of the empire. We did see a lot, had many adventures and defied death on more than one occasion. That is why it did not take long for our numbers to decrease. Soon there were only two of us left. The two of us traveled to a city called Port Alyxandrya. A pearl on the Allerian coast. I tell you there is no city like the city of Queens. The majestic marble palace shimmered enchantingly in the ever changing light of the three suns. My friend and I were too enchanted by this city and we stayed there. Soon the ruler of the province of Enamoria, Port Alyxandrya was part of Enamoria, called upon us. She confirmed what we had long suspected. That there was an illicit empire within the empire. She ordered us to assume different identities and try to uncover this threat to the empire. But the lady thane would not remain in Port Alyxandrya for long. The next day the temple of Diana, goddes of all that is good in the world of Telath, was attacked by a sinister and malignant force. I too was present at the location to battle it and I witnessed a strange apparation. It had an aura that unsettled all present and fighting it was not an easy task. The lady thane mysteriously disappeared during this battle, never to be seen again. With no one to lead the city anarchy soon ruled and before long the empire within the empire showed its face. At least to me it did. An evil, sealed for eons had escaped its prison. Escaped because all had forgotten about it and its prison decayed away in time while the evil grew. This evil, freed as it was, manifested itself through its worshippers whose numbers steadily increased. My battle against this evil was a difficult one but soon the Emperor heard of it and he came to my aid. He declared me as the new Lord Thane of Port Alyxandrya and later as the Governor of Enamoria and with the armies of the entire province at my disposal I was able to enforce peace, law and order upon the land. The province prospered. This victory seemed to be superficial for years later the evil resurfaced. It was strong, stronger than ever. Stronger because no one knew about it as it went on its dark business, enslaving every citizen of the empire that lost his or her life during and after the battle. With such a huge force it was a major threat to the people under my protection. I was forced to declare a state of martial law. Everyone that could fight, had to fight. There was no choice for if evil would win all would be lost and we would be doomed to suffer forever. Many brave heroes answered my call to arms and as we all rallied under the sacred warbanner of Diana we knew victory was the only option. The war was vicious. Losses were great but morale never dwindled. Before long both forces converged for one final battle. An all out battle in which no prisoners would be taken. Many lives were lost that day, but many souls were set free too. Among those who lost their lives that day was I. As I bravely charged the commander of the dark army I saw his eyes glow as he prepared a dark spell. I could feel my body losing its strength as life flowed out of it. I felt how I was leaving the world of Telath for the next. But not before I delivered a final blow to the commander. My sword pierced not only his body but also his dark soul and with that destroyed he could not complete the spell. My soul was spared. Spared but not able to remain upon the world. I passed out and never opened my eyes in my beloved Port Alyxandrya. Now my soul remains here, with you on this shattered world. The battle against evil has moved from one world to another.

Article #8 the race for domination

Author: Thumpa

The race for racial domination is coming very quickly and there isn't much anyone can do about it. The most predominant is the Human which most of them are part of the Knight faction, closely followed by the Dracoinian, The Draconian is a race that can be found in any guild, seeing the fact that they are half human half Dragon, you could call the a superior race, but they do have many combat disabilities, they cannot wear head protection, this helps the Knights take there heads off very easy which can reduce the Draconians population a large amount. Grmkels are being wiped out because of the recent global warming in shattered world.. The Spiders are slowly coming out of there pitiful hole which most believe they should go back there, these little things can be squashed quite easy, all races say they should be squashed and put back in there tiny ity bity holes, Aracheans are also a race to be feared due to there very poisonous venom and there supreme dexterity. The Archons are coming to slaughter all those pitiful humans and other races which stand in the way of becoming the most powerful race. Archons have crafted many weapons, which show their hatred towards humans these are a sign of how much they hate the humans. The Archons are known to kill a lot as part of their nature. The Archons can Slay all day, but the other races will slow their racial domination. Many laugh at the Archon due to the fact that Archon's have a major disability. The best weapon the other races have against the Archon is sun, this is a very potent weapon against them, and they fear sunlight. There are not many Mephits, Galandrians, and Tritons now, their race has yet to be expanded. Mephits are growing due to the superior skill Fireball, these mighty fireballs are wiping people out in large numbers, and these little critters are dangerous and should be killed on sight as the population of shattered world says. Galandrians have no shown their race off, shattered world expects an outburst of them when they decide to come out and fight. Tritons are believed to be a very powerful race and do not come above water that often due to there very slimy skin. Which race will dominate? Which races will be annihilated? The answer is in every member of the shattered community.

Article #9 Dragons

Author: Stampa

Dragons are great mythical beasts that inhabit this realm, and are as every bit fierce in this realm as they are in the stories. Huge great scaly reptile-like creatures, they are a constant wonder of grace, beauty, power, and intelligence. Considered wise beyond their years, their race is ancient, and they themselves are longlived. They find reclusive holes, areas in the realm, sometimes of thier choice, others because there was no where else to go. The guard the territory fiercely, and pity those who stumble upon a dragons lair unknowingly. Dragons are uncountable across the realm, spread thin, though each is an individual. From travels across the realm, there have been encounters of everytype of dragon, Bronze dragons, the peaceful Copper Dragons, Fierce Gold Dragons, elegant Platinum dragons, evil Chromatic Dragons, wise Silver dragons, and one of the more famous ones, Dragor, the pet of zarquon, and Guardian of its temple. There are everal others of course, ranging from earth dragons to steel dragons, but they all are very noble. Some are paranoid, and attack anything on sight, that enters their chambers, and whatever they are guarding. Most victims seek what he dragon guards, and have foolishly perished, unprepared for the dragons awesome fighting capability. Some Dragons are so arrogant, that they will not initiate an attack, and defend only when they are provoked. They feel that they are so powerful, and skilled that they can deal with any threat, and they are usually correct. Some dragons, are natrually peaceful, and allow intruders in their lair, but will attack when provoked. All in all, dragons are magnificent to behold, awesome in combat, and beautiful to gaze upon. One can say that the world would be a much more boring place without dragons, and the sheer variety hat one encounters. Legend has it that tje fabled Rainbow dragon exists in the wilderness, sparckling with all colours under the sun, dazzling in caombat, and hypnotising in sight. One could only speculate how such awesome creatures evolved, all we know, is that they are there.

Article #10 "Brief History of the Lives of 3 Grmkels Who Shook Shattered Worlds"

Author: Cotillon

They were born within minutes of one another. Two male and one female in the litter. The first born and female youngling was named Llewella. Of the three, she was the most sensible and sane. Moridin was the next born. From an early age he exhibited cruelty and an extreme temper which semmed to make him lose all reason. The youngest and smallest of the litter was named Thunda. He was the most ambitious of the three, showing from an early age that he would become one of the most well known members of shattered worlds. During their younger years, the 3 siblings fought amongst one another as all sisters and brothers do, as well as dreaming of what they wanted to be and where they wanted to go. They made a pact that they would always, no matter what, stick by one another and help each other out. When the 3 young Grmkels were of an age, each took a seperate path in different guilds. Llewella, showing her kind and calm temperament, was initiated into the fold of Gaia. There she learnt the powers of the earth and animals and soon became the High Druidess of Fire. Moridin, who belived that goodness was a sign of weakness, turned to darker paths to gain power. Even at this early stage of his life he felt that to become the strongest meant to grab power at whatever cost, and so joined the guilds of Arioch and Zarquon, where his thirst for power and increasing insanity allowed him to quickly climb to the rank of Guild Leader of Arioch. Thunda on the other hand belived that wealth would get him to his dream and so joined the shady guild of Ke'Ting. There he quickly became the Guild Leader, showing a prowess that few could match. Thunda was also the fist to be granted a Lordship and soon helped Llewella to reach this esteemed position as well. Moridin finally was raised, after putting down a rebellion within the members of Arioch. Thunda soon after his Lordship decided to create a cult, and so flocks of people from all races and guilds joined him and his 2 High Priests, Moridin and Llewella. He became the most famed fighter in the Arena, with his ability to defeat pretty much anyone who challenged him. Seeing that his younger brother was becoming more powerful and more loved by the members of Shattered Worlds, Moridin, nursing grudges and jealousy, allowed the insanity which had threatened to rule him, overpower his reason, and started to try and prove himself. He started to track down the hardest and most elusive of known monsters in Shattered Worlds, in an effort to make himself the greatest hero of Shattered WOrlds. He suceeded in becoming the gretest Hero of this day and age, but sadly could not top the Legendary Roogirls efforts. After a time of dominance in which the 3 siblings became 1 of the strongest groups within Shattered Worlds, they made a pact to put all there efforst into topping the then Ruler - King Coldrock. Thunda led the way, striking at the members of Coldrocks cult, yet, he was unable to gain enough support to make himself King. In a fit of rage and the Gods who stopped his attempts, he committed suicide, never having realised his dream. Moridin, now almost a husk of anger and insanity, created a new cult and some of the members of Thundas old cult joined him. However many stayed away, scared of the darkness that surrounded the cult and the tales of evil. Llewella stayed by her brothers side, but even she shied away from her brother and knew it would not be long before Moridins envy for Thunda and the knowledge that he would never top his brothers feats would eventually send him down the same path as her youngest brother. Moridin began a war like no other than has been seen in this Age since Trax had gained his Ascendency. He created sneak attacks to steal implements from Coldrock and his friends. He led ambushes, and many of his followers to their deaths before he too in a fit of sanity committed suicide, claiming he would once again rise and right the wrongs he had wrought. And so Llewella is the only one left of the 3 Grmkels who challenged the very Gods of Shattered Worlds. She has remained aloof of the struggles that now surround the world, since the fall of Coldrock and the rise to power of Queen Shriek. The End @@

Article #11 Story of Old Gambler

Author: Pentium

Some people seem to question why the old gambler resides upstairs of the casino on western Centre Road in Sanom City. The story is as follows: One cool, crisp morning about 25 years ago the "old" gambler decided to try his luck for the day and decided to play some poker at the Sanom City Casino on Western Centre Road. He made a quick stop at the bank and withdrew some coins for his day of chance. Afterwards, he quickly made his way to the casino. When he arrived, the casino was alive with atmosphere. All kinds of chatter and laughter. He found a place to sit at the poker table and ordered a drink On his first hand, he bet 20 coins but much to his dismay he lost with a pair of jacks. The rest of the night was long and tiresome. He just couldn't win. After every hand he lost, he would have a drink. He was pretty drunk when 1he played his last hand and lost. He was out of money. The gambler cursed and snarled until a good looking gentlemen came to the table. The gentleman coaxed the gambler to come to the upper floor of the casino. The gentleman made him a strange offer. "It seems that you have no money left, gambler. How about you and I play a hand?" The old gambler, drunk as he was, responded, "How? I have nothing left to gamble with." "Ahhh, but you do," said the gentleman, "How about your soul?" The old gambler squinted his eyes deep in thought. "What do I get if I win?" The gentleman answered, "I will reward you with 5,000 gold coins. But, if you lose, I get your soul." The gambler was deeply in debt and was in great need of the money. So, he agreed. The deck was shuffled and the cards were dealt. The gambler smiled as he had a Full House. He thought, "I can't lose." The gentleman showed his hand to the gambler. He had 4 of a kind. "Nooooooooo!" the gambler screemed. He tried to run, but the gentleman grabbed him with a mystical force. The gentleman said, "You lose! Time to pay up. You are to remain in this room for all eternity. Your soul is trapped. You 't be able to leave this room. You stupid man." The gentleman cast a black spell against the entrance to the room and disappered in a puff of smoke. You can still see the Old Gambler in the Casino to this day, waiting for his soul's chance of freedom.

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