Section #10 Legal News

Article #1 Crime in Sanon City

Author: Poulenc

In an age where many citizens have many times the 10000 coins cap on bounties, it is absurd that they can murder a citizen and get off with only, what is to them, a small fee. I think that it is time for the bounty cap to be raised, and I have a few other suggestions as well. For repeat offenders, why not have some sort of permanent banishment. And even for individual killings, let the fine and bounty be something proportional to the ranking of the player. I am writing this partly to test the waters to see what kind of support there is for increased punishment of henious crimes. If you have a comment, mail me or let me know when I am around. Perhaps we can do something to repair this subversion of the justice system.

Article #2 On Lawlessness and a Proposed Solution

Author: Lief

As a semi-youngish character, I have been continually surprised by the utter and complete lack of respect which many powerful citizens seem to have for the rule of law. While there are certainly law-abiding members of the upper stratus of Shattered World's society, I have seen murder, armed robbery, assualt and battery, and numerous other crimes of various magnitudes commited. Of course, if you happen to be a powerful player reading this, you are one of the good ones. It is the other ones, mainly your enemies, you I am blaming. Something, without doubt, must be done. I have little doubt that few with an intellect of more power than a garden implement's will claim that allowing random acts of lawlessness is good for society. While there are currently systems of punishment for transgressors, more strict enforcement and penalties are called for. I have several proposals to reduce crime, one of which, at the minimum, I feel must be carried out. The first proposal I have is rather unorthodox. It belongs to the class of 'positive enforcement' measures. In other words, instead of punishing the criminals we reward the rest. To make the laws worth obeying, I propose that each citizen be awarded one thousand coins per mud year per law that the citizen does not break. The downside to this measure is that it would involve a massive drain on the treasury to make all of these awards. We might make these rewards only applicable to a few people. For example, it could be restricted to Grmkels who are demonstrateably moronic, have a name which is a corruption of that of a Viking explorer, and are at least eighth level in Javen. This would reduce the number of those benefiting to me, which would certainly cost less than awarding such an amout to all law-abiding citizens. For various reasons, it may be wiser to stick with more established means of crime enforcement, most likely punishment for violations. In one such scheme, for example, it could be declared that the criminal would be transformed into a penguin until such time as they can prove themselves to be member of the two guilds of Vulcan and Psyche. At this point, they would be siezed for medical examination, to determine how in the holy name of D---D they managed that. A second method would begin by permanently turning the offender a shade of blue chosen by a commitee consisting of all players whose name has more than one 'q' in it. In addition, they would be required to pay a fine equal to their height in pounds. If they prefer metric, their age in decimeters is also acceptable. In short, our law enforcement system is too law and needs to become more vigilent. One of these plans must be adopted, for the sake of society. This is vital! - Lief W. (W for Fool) Ericson

Article #3 legal news

Author: Hero

On Saturday, January 4, Sanom City became a target for terrorists. Two attempting murderers, Mitchell and his cohort Mitch, attacked several guards of Sanom. The attacks continually kept repeating, and many brave city guards were lost. Eventually, the attackerstopped, but not until a grave blow was dealt to the police task force of Sanom City.[A[A[A[C [D[Dm[D n[Dm[B[B[B[B[B[C[D[D[D[C[C[D[C People of Sanom were shocked to find the soldiers killed. Johanna, a gypsie girl at the south end of the Common Market in Sanom, was also mercelessly attcked. The rumour that guards are passing around, "We're getting a new law system soon,..." must come true soon. In the mean time, Watch your backs for any suspicious looking people. Several sneaky thieves are rumoured to be spies for a next terrorist act. We suggest buying weapons and wearing armor from several of the shops nearby, they will be your only source of protecting yourself. After spying outside of Sanom, people are finding several tunnels and dark caves. If you do find such a thing, and you are a well-armoured and techniqued soldier in combat, we beg you to investigate. These terrorists are undoubtedly finding some way to evade the city's defenses, by using these caves they themseleves dug. If you catch Mitch, Mitchell, or a fellow cohort in the terrorist crime, give him to the bounty. WE MUST NOT LET SANOM FALL TO THESE TERRORISTS!!!

Article #4 Discrimination in Shattered Realms

Author: Merl

Recently Sanom and its surrounding areas and protectorates were found to be in violation of the, International Sentient Creatures Race Adequation Plan (IS CRAP) by the NGO (Nations Gnomes Organization). The finding categorically states that despite claiming to be a democratic and fair society the power base limits not only the abilities of the common man on the street but also the abilities of various Lords of the Realm to utilize property owned by them effectively due to a system of over-demo cratization. To be effective in this land in not only the political but also the commercial sphere one must be a citizen or risk the wrought of a highly biased legal system. Not only is it not permitted for citizens to own property in the Capital but also lords may not even give a non-citizen property on their own estates! Citizenship isnt earned by ones accomplishments or abilities but rather is controlled by a populist vote! If ones opinions are disliked or ones manner isnt considered by the general populace to be satisfactory, they may not qualify for citizenship. While many dont see the problem with this Felix Unger, Secretary Gnome of NGO says "Part of our mandate, and part of IS CRAP is to make sure minority opinions and sentinent races arent discriminated against unfairly, this sort of system where an over-class (citizens) choose who may and may not be successful in their society flies in the face of that." While the NGO has no formal authority it says it will dedicate a department to worrying about the situation, and regularly updating the public should it improve. When taken to the streets the following comments were heard in regard to this situation: Zarag the Draconian Berserker : "Well its very serious. BURP. If I cant wield my axe, BURP, then how can a shop buy, BURP, rope for the doors." Draconians were never known for their intelligence. When asked if he had anything else to add as a final work, Felix Unger, Secretary Gnome said the following: "Well yes the situation is serious, and made more so by the fact it isnt recognized. I would like to add the following words, Imbecile, wibble and Scout. And to some up, nitwit, yes I think nitwit would be a good word to end on. Nitwit."

Article #5 newsa

Author: Dukecorbett

Metallic Knights office mysteriously raided by bandit! In the late hours of last night, someone broke into the leader of the Metallic Knight's office and stole some particularly valuable gems! What will the leader do??? Local police interviewed stated that a roc and a large shield were seen in the area, although eyewitness reports contrasted. Sanom city guards were used for the search, but because it was a quest area, there was too many footprints for a definitive discovery.

Article #6 Joke News

Author: Dukecorbett

In the small hours of the morning, the office of the Metallic Knights was burglarised by an unknowing neophyte to the game while the leader was away. The room, left unguarded, was stocked with a horde of large and valuable gemstones, which were an excellent target for any prospective adventurer. Such things as the skins of demi-gods and angels found their way out of that office. Police contacted report the presence of a dragon, a roc, and a powerful but mad wizard in the location. Constable Whip declined comment.

Article #7 Citizen Kan Not

Author: Koum

There have been recently rumbles of discontent from the non-citizens of Sanom. With many newcomers entering the lands many have been excited and hopeful to become full contributing members to the community. The work of numerous Lord and cult feuds have cut this opportunity short for them. One anonymous source stated "If you're not in the conclave, you're renting. "Conclaves political powers and friends are powerful and many but no one in their administration could be reached to substantiae or deny the claim. (For full disclosure purposes the writer is currently a member of conclave). Another question that has come up a lot lately is why is it in a democracy where we see how everyone votes, citizenship votes are kept secret? How is this in keeping with the spirit of the law? Also heard recently is that a number of druid and berserkers are considering becoming full time outlaws due t denial of their citizenship. This unholy marriage has some strange overlaps in their philosophies. Follower of Gaia: We respect first and foremost the law of nature. All man made laws are secondary. Follower of Zarquon: We kill Guard. We kill Queen. Follower of Gaia: We are first and foremost citizens of the forest. The citizens of the forest are many, and by their presence and existence have the right to remain. Follower of Zarquon: We kill Guard. We kill Queen. Follower of Gaia: Why should I pay taxes to someone who won't even keep the weather the way I like it? Follower of Zarquon: We kill Guard. We kill Queen. Many senior level players dismiss these as idle ramblings of low level wanderers the truth is these players are getting stronger. Also the ludicrous waiting period between applications means these people are learning that it is not neccersary to be a citizen to thrive. Indeed people who come wishing to contribute becomin jaded and wish only to enrich themselves. We are calling for a review of the citizenship system. How many idle wanderes who put in their time will leave these lands because of political winds over which they have no control? Why doesn't the Queen step in? How can Lords who rule their lands with total control not give land to whom they wish, just because it wouldn't help a third party cult leader? Will the Queen, or perhaps even the Gods intervene for the good of all? We shall see.

Article #8 article

Author: Maxis

Two days ago Squibble enterd Sanom City, with a 500 coin bounty on his head, and began a mad dash thruogh the streets to the bounty office Unfortunately for him, squibble had only 497 coins, and in his quest to find the extra three gold was discovered by the city guard and a number of oppourtunistic bounty hunters. The following chase through the city and ensuing hillarity provided welcome relief for the citizens of Sanom, though the city guard reminds us of the need to be vigilant. "Don't break the law, citizen Maxis." The case was unresolved and Squibble is still on the lose, however this reporter doubts he will show his face in Sanom in a hurry, at least not without buying new boots.

Article #9 Cfj's Galore

Author: Ugnia

We have seen much activity in legal circles in the last few months. Cfj after cfj, proposal after proposal, note after note, arguement after arguement. For the ease of those who do not like to read up to twenty notes a day, we have summarised the legal happenings for your enjoyment (enjoyable as the law is...). The activity started when then-constable Galpec ordered the seizure of the Sanom General Store. This activity was deplored by some, and a cfj was called for illegal use of constable powers. This cfj was judged false, however Galpec was ordered to sell the property and return the profits to the city, as the law required. Before Galpec could do this however, we once again crowned Nura as queen of Sanom, and she appointed the Town fool, tigo, to the position of constable. He then seized the property off Galpec and proceeded to do nothing. After repeated orders from magistrates to sell the property, it was finally placed on sale and purchased by magistrate Ugnia. Meanwhile, tigo started abusing his office powers in other ways - pulling around law-abiding citizens (and even a magistrate!) with the choker chain. Reading logs of shops with no reason. He then decided that he disagreed with the judgement on the original cfj (about the seizure of the general store) and that his guild (Tigo was also the Guild leader of Ravnos, who had owned the closed general store) deserved to get it back. He therefore seized the property and gave it back to Ravnos. Many CFJs were made, all calling for Tigo to be stripped of the office of Constable. Magistrate Ugnia was attacked with a vote of no confidence, the caller of which actually voted against it. Laws were rushed through in an attempt to make a vote of no confidence in constable Tigo possible. The judgements started rushing in. Tigo is guilty was the general verdict. However, the judgements came too late (or Tigo realised he was in trouble). Tigo ascended to wizard status, and applied to step down as constable of his own volition (and in keeping with the law). It is a shame that Tigo will never be brought to justice and be humiliated with a public stripping of office, as he deserved. However he has been ordered to repay the stolen funds from the sale of the general store. The cfj storm seems to have passed now, with only a couple still outstanding cfjs awaiting judgement. It does seem to have highlighted the need for a full magistrate council, as three new magistrates have been appointed: Rujhoku, Whip and Calina. It is the first time in quite some time that the council has had a full allotment of magistrates (ie six), however there are calls that some of the newer magistrates will not last. Only time will tell if this will be true.

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